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Fortador Volt

Fortador Volt
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Product Information

  • Electric steam cleaner that helps remove dirt and grime with ease
  • High-temperature steam allows for effortless deep cleaning
  • Powered by Lamborghini!
  • 220v
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Product Description

The Fortador Volt is a power electric steam cleaning, that helps you deep clean various areas of your vehicle with ease!

Fortador company philosophy is to create effective solutions with no shortcuts. This is shown with one simple logo and word on the side of these machines, Lamborghini. The power of these super automobiles is locked into a steam cleaner, allowing you to tackle incredibly difficult cleaning jobs with ease. The key to the cleaning is in the 12 Bars or 174 PSI pressure, independent ejection of two hot detergents, joined with steam at the heart of the machine. This allows for simultaneous steam cleaning with all Fortador models. Contamination in your carpets, car mats, seats, headliners, dashboards, house hold items, floors, tiles, etc. is no match for these high quality units!

The Fortador Volt is a unique machine and unlike the other two Fortador models, the Volt is fully electric. It has two 5-liter boilers with a pre-heating time of 6-10 minutes with a max operating temperature of 284 degrees. This ensures a constant steam flow and the possibility of continuous operation without the need of cooling and/or stopping the unit. The 5 inch display shows current fluids level (water, detergents), current pressure in the boiler, serial number, with an hour counter, and much more. Another great feature is that you can operate this unit with not only one operator, but two! Two guns, two operators and one machine means less detailing time and more money in your pocket. Volt is manufactured with only high quality components, allowing Fortador to guarantee a long life. Check out all of the specifications for the Fortador Volt below:

  • 220v
  • Regulated pressure - 2 x gun max 12 Bar or 174 PSI
  • Operating temperature - 120-140 Degrees C /248-284 Degrees F reg.thermostat / auto.stop
  • Boiler temperature (regulated) - 190 Degrees C/374 Degrees F (Max. 200 Degrees C/392 Degrees F)
  • Preheating time - 6-10 min.
  • Capacity of water/det. 1/det. 2 container - 15/10/5 Liter or 3/2/1 Gallons
  • Working volume - 15dB
  • Voltage and frequency - 1-phase or 3-phase
  • Boiler - 2 x 5 liter boiler. Boilers can work separate or simultaneously
  • Net weight - 59 kg or 130 lbs
  • Dimensions - 50 cm / 20 in (W) x 98 cm / 38 in (L) x 78 cm / 30 in (H)
  • Standard accessories - Most powerful steam gun RL 30 X 1 pcs, Isolated steam hose (10m) 1 pcs, Isolated steam/vacuum hose (5m) 1 pcs, Set of 15 different nozzles, Ability to apply hot detergent or/and hot wax with steam (2 detergent containers)
  • Steam pressure - 12 kgf/cm2 (123 Kg/h of DRY STEAM); control for steam wetness
  • Case material - Aluminum
  • Boiler material - Stainless Steel
  • Anti-freeze system - YES
  • Descale system - YES
  • Features of 5-inch display - Pressure indicator for 2 boilers, Fluids level indicator, Motohours counter, Serial number display, Water level in boiler, Signalization of water pump and fuel pump operation
  • Power consumption (W) - 2 x boiler 3000 W + 1150 (vacuum) 1phase or 2 phase or 2x boiler 6000W + 1150 W (vacuum) 3 phase
  • Other information - Purchasing Fortador you will be provided with professional auto detailing training confirmed by FORTADOR Quality Certificate.

Fortador Models:


FORTADOR VOLT - Producer of mobile steam car wash

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