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Clean Shine Protect
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Griot's Garage Foaming Surface Prep

Now Available for Pre-Order!
This item is available for pre-order. Order today to guarantee that you'll be one of the first to receive it. Orders containing this item will ship as soon as we have the 35 oz Griot's Garage Foaming Surface Prep in stock. Estimated ship date: 10/24/18.
Griot's Garage Foaming Surface Prep - 35 oz
Griot's Garage Foaming Surface Prep - 35 oz Alternative View
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Available Sizes

Griot's Garage Foaming Surface Prep
35 oz
($0.57 / oz)
Griot's Garage Foaming Surface Prep
128 oz
($0.39 / oz)

Product Information

  • Removes dirt and grime with high foaming cleaning formula
  • Foam clings to paint, softening contamination
  • Rinses away clean and easy!
  • Safely removes old waxes and sealants
  • Product Codes: B3103, B3101
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Product Description

The Griot's Garage Foaming Surface Prep shampoo and degreaser helps you deep clean your paint like few other products can. Before you dive into polishing away imperfections, you want to make sure you thoroughly remove contamination and old protection from the paint. This will allow you to polish away imperfections, instead of pushing around dirt and grime, causing more swirls, scratches, etc. Foaming Surface Prep has a high pH blend of detergents and other advanced active ingredients. This unique formulation produces a thick foam that clings to paint, softening road film and organic contaminants (bird droppings, bug splatter, etc.). Let the product dwell for up to 10 minutes and rinse away. The high pH not only helps remove tough dirt and grime, but also removes old waxes or sealant layers, leaving you with a clean surface ready for your polishing steps. This product can be applied by hand or for the best results, via the THE BOSS Foam Cannon. If you are looking for a strong foaming cleaner for dirty cleaning jobs, the Griot's Garage Foaming Surface Prep is a fantastic choice!

THE BOSS Foam Cannon Application:
  • Select the appropriate tip: Pink Tip - Gas Pressure Washer, Purple Tip - Electric Pressure Washer, Aqua Tip - For Maximum Foam.
  • Then screw the bottle to the foam cannon. (Tip choice using a Foaming Sprayer - Pink Tip, then fill the reservoir with concentrate.)
  • Mixing Option 2 - MANUAL-MIX: For a traditional RTU (ready-to-use) option, add the corresponding amount of Foaming Surface Prep concentrate to the equipped reservoir, then fill with water.
  • THE BOSS Foam Cannon: 1.6 oz, Foaming Sprayer: 2.0 oz, Pump-Up Foamer: 0.5 oz, Air Foamer Sudsing Gun: 0.25 oz.

Foaming Surface Prep Secondary Bottle Application:
  • At a 10:1 dilution, Foaming Surface Prep is ideal for pre-treatment and deep-cleaning of bumpers, grilles, hoods, side mirrors, rocker panels, door jambs, trunk jambs, engines, tires, and wheel wells.
  • The bottle has a mixing guide on the label with fill lines that ensure you get the proper mix every time.

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