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Gyeon Leather Cleaner Strong Reviews

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Gyeon Leather Cleaner was really a breeze to use. It made quick, easy work of this dirty seat. The product has a pleasant scent that is not too strong, and I barely used any product to clean this seat so the bottle will tackle many jobs. Gyeon claims that this product is safe to use on all modern leathers, and it is gentle enough to be used on top of a leather coating without harming or removing the coating. This cleaner does not contain any additives such as softeners or preservers, so it is an ideal option to use to prepare a surface prior to applying a leather coating.
Product Review: Gyeon Leather Cleaner

Customer Reviews

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The positive reviews of Gyeon Leather are SPOT ON! The red leather on my Maserati GranTurismo MC showed a significant amount of grime in the creases from past owners and is difficult to care for. I hit it with a brush and microfiber with this cleaner and the finished product was a amazing. Leather looked clean, soft, and supple. It just popped. I was amazed at the difference. I finished up with Gyeon coating to protect.
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Gyeon Leather Cleaner is, by a large margin, the best leather cleaner that I've ever used. Spray it on liberally, and agitate, then simply wipe away.

We utilized this product on cashmere-colored leather to remove dye transfer from denim with ease. It also easily removes bodily oils, spills, and pretty much anything else that you might spill in your interior.

I highly recommend that anyone use this product with a Rupes iBrid Nano w/ the soft nylon cup brush. It foams up nicely and makes cleanup a breeze.
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When it comes to cleaning ability, it is pretty similar to other quality brands.
Nothing really special in my honest opinion. But what I really liked about this product is that it has pleasant smell and it is something I look for when it comes to interior cleaner. Other products I have typical chemical smell but this one did not and it is big plus to me.

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