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Gyeon Restart Wash - 400 ml

Gyeon Restart Wash - 400 ml
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Gyeon Restart Wash
400 ml

Product Information

  • Clean and restore coating protected layers
  • Can be used by hand or in a foam lance
  • Dilution ratio of 1:500
  • Won't strip protection
  • Product Code: GY-7789
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Customer Reviews

100% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 2 ratings

Product Description

Gyeon Restart Wash will help you clean, decontaminate and restore properties of an existing coating layer without removing protection! When cleaning a vehicle that is protected with a coating, it is important to use a shampoo specifically designed to clean these surfaces. Restart is safe and has the ability to remove ferrous deposits thanks to an iron remover infusion. This means you can thoroughly clean coating layers, without stripping off protection. It can be used as foam or a traditional shampoo, using it in a foam lance, cannon, or in a bucket by hand. This shampoo is concentrated, allowing you to dilute 1:500 for an incredible value. Clean and restore your coated vehicle with the Gyeon Restart Wash!

Application Tips:
  • Foam Lance: Pour 30ml mixed with 500ml in your foam gun of choice.
  • Spray liberally, let it dwell for 2 min, and rinse heavily.
  • It is safe to be used on all exterior surfaces, including rims and wheel arches.

Professional Detailer Reviews

With the cancellation of SEMA 2020, GYEON lost its usual new product release stage. But not to worry, in true GYEON fashion a full digital GYEON SHOW was produced and packed full of product releases, how-to segments, and global GYEON news.

One of those products that I am exceptionally excited about is Q2M Restart Wash. It combines the key properties of multiple GYEON Wash Soaps and combines them into one bottle. Q2M Restart Wash is designed for coated vehicles. It combines the lubricity of Q2M Bathe, the cleaning power of Q2M Bathe Essence, and the iron removing ability of Q2M Iron for the perfect weekly/biweekly wash maintenance soap for your ceramic coating.
First Look: GYEON Q2M Restart Wash

From The Label

Product Description

Effective iron contamination removal on coated vehicles. Restores hydrophobic properties and slickness.


Shake well before use. pour 15-20ml into 10-15 liter bucket. Wash the entire car with soft HQ mitt in straight-line motion, starting from the top. rinse well with clean water. Do not let dry. Do not wash in direct sunlight. Dry with a suitable drying towel.

Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? Yes
Works well and really cleaned up the ceramic coating but it seems to just be an iron remover wash and smells like it too. Absolutely horrendous smell. I'll use from time to time but as a maintenance wash, no way! Love Gyeon products but iffy on this one. Long term we'll see how this works. If it continues to do well, great but yikes the smell.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
This is an excellent maintenance shampoo for coated vehicles!

Tried for the first time recently on a nice RHD MKIV Supra that I coated nearly a year ago. This Supra is driven every day, and parked outside (although under an awning). The coating applied is an incredibly high performing professional coating, but no matter the brand, they all still get dirty and "clogged" over time - especially on the lower panels. I typically schedule clients for a decontamination wash once a year, or sometimes once every 6mo (whichever they prefer). This includes a thorough wash (generally with CarPro Reset), iron remover application, then an acid based water spot remover wipedown, then re-wash. This will almost always bring back hydrophobics of coatings that have seen some abuse over time.

Onto this product..Restart Wash is made to include iron removing capabilities, as well as being just a touch acidic, so as soon as this product released, I knew I had to have it. After dealing with the wheels/tires/wheel wells on the Supra, I rinsed, foamed, and rinsed the vehicle off. It was beading pretty well, but the lower panels were fairly dead and just sheeting. I actually overused product (Gyeon recommends 10-15ml for 2-3gal I believe), but I did about 30ml (1oz) of Restart Wash into 3gal of water in the bucket, and blasted with the pressure washer nozzle to foam it up. It was extremely slick, cleaned the car excellently, and although the product itself stinks (like an iron remover), the odor while washing wasn't offensive at all.

After rinsing the Restart Wash residue off, the beading was back to 100% everywhere. It was if the car was just coated 5 days prior.

This is my new go-to on coated cars. It should keep contamination way down (with proper & regular washes) and I highly suggest anyone with a coated vehicle tries it. 10/10 Gyeon!

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