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Gyeon View Reviews

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Professional Detailer Reviews

Gyeon View is a highly hydrophobic window coating, that will not only help bead and sheet water from the surface, but it helps keep dirt and other contamination from sticking to the window while driving. This helps keep your glass cleaner, for much longer.
How To: Coat Your Windshield with Gyeon Quartz Q2 View

Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? Yes
Always a big RainX fan but have been open to alternatives because of the difficulty of application of RainX. Have to throw out both shoulders before I stop getting streaks. Maybe it's just how I apply?

Follow my same prep as RainX. Polish glass, recently started using 3D Cerium, clean with wet micro, then alcohol, then follow Gyeons instructions. Quite hard to get good coverage with the ‘cleanse' in hot weather. Feels like a cleaner wax with some type of solvent based degreaser in it. Flashes off to a haze quickly.
Buffs off very clean. One wipe with a damp towel and apply Repel as you would any coating. Again, buffs off super clean no streaks.

Hydrophobicity is very impressive. Can't form a sheet of water with the pressure washer, turns to beads instantly. One month and only about 50miles of driveling so far, car stays parked outside in the sun, no noticeable change in the protection so far. If it only last 6 months it's worth it.
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First of all it is a beautiful durable product for your windshield I already used it on Mercedes cl class, Firebird 95, and now I will be using it on my personal daily driver a 2015 Toyota Corolla! I love the ease of application with this product! It goes on very smooth after you properly clean and decontaminate the glass! I just let it cure for 24 hours.
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Would they buy this item again? No
Will not buy again. I followed the directions precisely. I was an avid detailer many moons ago and decided my 6 year old truck would finally get the attention it deserved since Corona got me on lock down. I did a complete paint correction on the exterior and used cquartz uk which I found to be pretty good so far. I wanted something for the glass to complete the exterior and street much reading, went with the gyeon view. Glass was polished with autoglym when I did the exterior, about a week prior. Windshield looked flawless. I cleaned with stoner's, then gyeon cleaner/polish per directions and finally repel. Finally got to test it out in the rain. I see no difference at all. No hydrophobic properties, just decent beading. Nothing special. I've used aquapel in the past with much better results. I would have been happy with 6 months of effectiveness but I don't see see any at all. Waste of 40 bucks in my opinion.
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This is a great product that is actually pretty easy to apply despite my concerns that it would be difficult. As with any coating, preparation is key and this kit has everything you need to ensure that you complete all the steps properly. I was extremely satisfied with the durability of the coating and it lasted about a year before I started to see the beading properties go away.
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
Great product. I bought Gyeon View due to reviews online, and I have been impressed with the brand after trying several of their other products. I also wanted to try a product that would last longer than a week. Installation was easy...not as hard as some people have said. It is possible installation was easier and seamless because it is humid where I live...easy on, easy off. I applied two coats to the windshield, and one coat to all other glass areas except the rear. I was only able to drive in a light drizzle, and I must say that this product worked great!! I can imagine what it would do in a downpour!! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to coat their windshield. Thanks Gyeon!!
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Good product. It caught me off guard when I tried to cover a much larger area it became a bit grabby to buff. I'd recommend working a smaller area at a time as seen on the video so it can be easier. I must say, good protection comes with a price. It's a bit grabby to remove if you work larger areas because the product flashes quickly onto your windshield and becomes an instant layer of protection. Just work a smaller area and you'll be fine. Also, it's not like is too tough to remove, it's just that I was expecting it to be like removing wax, but nothing unbearable by any means. I'm going to be using it again this weekend on a Corvette Z06.
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
The products bead very well but I did seem to have trouble buffing it off. I may have applied it wrong.

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