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IGL Coatings Ecoshine F3 Finish

IGL Coatings Ecoshine F3 Finish - 300 ml
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Available Sizes

IGL Coatings Ecoshine F3 Finish
300 ml
($0.06 / ml)
IGL Coatings Ecoshine F3 Finish
1000 ml
($0.04 / ml)

Product Information

  • Remove imperfections & finish to an optically clear surface!
  • Safely removes P4000-P5000 swirl marks, light oxidation, etc.
  • Low dusting and minimal product usage
  • Non-hazardous to users health and environment
  • Read full description

Product Description

IGL Ecoshine F3 Finish is a nano-abrasive finishing polish designed to help you remove light imperfections and finish down to an optically clear surface! With high-quality ingredients, IGL formulated a finishing formula that has a long work time and does not dry out. This allows you to take your time if necessary to achieve that optically clear finish we all love. Just apply a few drops to your finishing pad and apply one section at a time. Once finished, wipe away with a clean microfiber towel. F3 makes a great one-step option for light imperfections, or a follow up to a heavier polishing step. It safely removes P4000-P5000 swirl marks, light oxidation, etc. leaving behind a mirror-like clarity ready to be topped with your favorite layer of protection. If you have heavier imperfections, check out the other great IGL polishing options below. Take your paint to that next level and turn heads with the finishing power of the IGL Ecoshine F3 Finish!

IGL Compounds & Polishes:

From The Label

Product Description

Nano abrasive finishing polish

IGL Ecoshine F3 is a nano-abrasive based finishing formula with high-performance polishing agents. It will easily remove light dullness, swirls, polishing marks, holograms and fine sanding marks (P4000-P5000) creating an amazing deep gloss finishing and restoring original paint brightness. It is generally applied by variable speed polisher with a medium-soft foam pad (IGL FM-B).

Features and Benefits
  • removal of scratches, dullness, and P1500-P3000 sanding marks
  • quick and easy to use
  • minimal product usage
  • highly efficient to save time and products
  • non hazardous to the user's health and environment


Area of Application
  • Painted surface and headlight

How to use
  • It is generally applied by variable speed polisher with a medium-hard foam pad (IGL FM-B).
  • Apply a small quantity of compound on the polishing pad.
  • Let the polisher turn at low revolutions and spread the product on the surface via a crossed movement.
  • Then speed up the revolutions (1000-2000 RPM).
  • Be careful of surface overheating and don't allow the polisher to stay on the same surface for too long without adding more product.
  • If necessary, please repeat the application until the surface correction is completed.
  • Wipe the surface with a clean cloth to inspect.

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