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Metro Vacuums Crevice Tool

Metro Vacuums Crevice Tool
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Product Information

  • Helps remove loose dirt and grime from hard to reach areas
  • Measures just under 9" long
  • Attaches to various Metro Vac models with ease
  • A must have tool for any detailer!
  • Product Code: 120-143383
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Product Description

The Metro Vac Crevice Tool (MVC-188) will help you reach tight areas with ease. The MVC-188 is compatible with various metro models (listed below) and attaches to the hose of that model incredible easy. Whether you are using it for vacuuming or blowing purposes, this crevice tool will help pinpoint dirt and grime, allowing you to remove it easily. Dirt stuck between seats, under seats, nooks and crannies of your dashboard, vents, etc. is no match! MVC-188 was formally known as P-101-21 and measures just under 9" long. It is made of hard durable plastic and will last for years. If you are looking to add an attachment to your Metro Vac unit, the Crevice Tool is one to keep in your detailing arsenal at all times!

Compatible With:

ADM-1, ADM-4, AM-12IDA, AM-2B, AM-4B, AM-4BS, AM-6 B, AM-6B, AM-6BS, AM AM12-IDA, DV3ESD-1, ES-105, ES-105T, ES-109T, HRS-83BA, MDV-1, MDV-1BA, MDV-2, MDV-2BA, MDV-2BAV, MDV-2TA, MDV-2TAV, MDV-2TCA, MDV-2TCAV, MDV-3, MDV-3BA, MDV-3BAV, MDV-3TA, MDV-3TAV, MDV-3TCA, MDV-3TCAV, OV-1, OV-3, OV-4, OV-4ABC, OV-4BC, OV-4BCSF, PRO-83BA, VM, VM12500, VM12500T, VM2B500, VM2B500T, VM4B500, VM4B500T, VM4BS500, VM4BS500T, VM5B500T, VM6B500, VM6BS500, VM6BS500T, VNB-4AFBR, VNB-7, VNB-71, VNB-71AG, VNB-72, VNB-72AG, VNB-72B, VNB-73, VNB-73AG, VNB-73B, VNB-74, VNB-7B, VNB-83, VNB-83BA, VNB-9, VNB-94, VNB-94BD.

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