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Scangrip Multimatch R Reviews

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Professional Detailer Reviews

Overall, the Scangrip SG-MMR Multimatch R light is a great portable light that can serve various purposes for both professionals and enthusiasts alike. For the budget-minded, the SG-MMR packs a lot of features for the price. Features such as its built-in USB charging station, temp color controls, intensity adjustments and magnetic base makes it a useful tool on any job. Pair it up with a Scangrip Telescopic Wheel Stand or a Scangrip Telescopic Tripod Stand and now you're in business to take on most projects. Don't let the size fool you, the Scangrip Multimatch R is one mighty little light.
Product Review: Scangrip Multimatch R

Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? Yes
Can't beat Scangrip. What else is there to say?
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
This is a game changer for anyone who does paint correction! You need this item in your arsenal!
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
A must have, can't believe I've gotten this far without it. Great not just for detailing but also for engine work. It does tend to run out of juice if it is run on the highest setting for too long, but you don't need that in most cases. Also, the magnet is very strong but within a rubber coating. Again, this is well worth the cost.
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
I own multiple Scangrip lights and the Multimatch R (MMR) is my favorite. It is so versatile and performs incredibly well. The MMR is built very sturdily with rubber edges and an aluminum case. The MMR is bright and it comes with Scangrips famous CRI+. CRI+ is important because it provides multiple color and brightness modes to show every last detail. This is how the MMR shows far more than an LED work light with two-three times the lumens. Color temperatures are essential.

Going beyond the different modes available, the MMR can be used in a variety of ways effectively. Handheld, stood up by its built in kick stand, magnetically mounted (think shelves or garage door tracks), mounted on the Scangrip tripod...it gives you a lot of options that work better for certain scenarios. There are only two things negative I can say about the MMR. First, it can be a tad uncomfortable for handheld use. Second, if you plan to have the MMR plugged in for continuous use you will need an extension cord to do so as the supplied charging cable is short. End of the day the MMR is a great option for those on a budget who only want one light and a must have for those who have the budget for multiple light options.
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
For reference, I've owned the Astro Pneumatic 50-SL unit for I don't even know how many years, dropped it A LOT of times sometimes from heigths over 5 feet (doing stupid things) and it still performs like brand new. The quality is there; this thing is robust, the optics are excellent and the diode and light quality are excellent. My favorite part is the magnets! I rarely use the one in the back, but it's nice to have and it does come in handy some times. Now, the magnets in the bottom are absolutely amazing!!! I recently purchased 2 Scangrip products because Detailed Image had a 15% off sale on Scangrip. I got a Scangrip I-match 2 (have always wanted a headlamp and never actually bought one), and a Multimatch R. The I-match 2 is very nice, and pretty much in line with what I expected, so I'm happy with that. Now, when we talk about the Multimatch R, I'm not just happy with that one, I'm blown away by it! I wasn't expecting such amazing performance from such a little unit! The optics and light quality are absolutely incredible! You can select from 5 different color temperatures which are stepped out perfectly in my opinion, from a very amber 2500k (I can see this output being useful for those very metallic , dark grey paints that hide defects extremely well), to a very neutral white 4500k all the way up to a pretty blueish 6500k. It has it all covered. You can select from 5 light intensity outputs as well (10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) and I feel like even just 50% is perfectly adequate for paint correction and even just general lighting. The magnets on the base of this thing are also strong enough to secure it to metal surfaces safely without having to worry about it falling. They're not as ridiculously strong as the Astro's magnets, but those things are just absolutely crazy and these are definitely strong enough, so no fault there. I actually put it on one of the metal pillars that support the concrete roof in my garage (a convex surface) and the Multimatch R was safely secured with the magnets. The fit and finish of the light is also amazing, it just LOOKS GOOD! It's so small that you could use it handheld as an inspection light to go around the car if you wanted to, but I'd just use the Astro or Sunmatch for that as it's more pragmatic. I'm so happy with my purchase, I'd recommend all aforementioned products to anyone. After my experience with Scangrip now, I wanna buy the Sunmatch 3 even though I don't need it. These things are just NICE!
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
This light is something every professional detailer needs, sure there are some that say all you need is a flashlight. But, Who wants to fumble with batteries and with a light that is not the correct CRI ? If you get the SCANGRIP Multimatch R you will be amazed at the imperfections you have missed. Your customer may see them also. Do yourself a favor, keep that customer returning. Get a SCANGRIP from DETAILED IMAGE. You wont regret it. NO ! I do not work there, nor am I payed to say anything.
Just like there product prices and service

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