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Stoner XENIT Natural Citrus Cleaner & Remover

Stoner XENIT Natural Citrus Cleaner & Remover - 10 oz
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Stoner XENIT Natural Citrus Cleaner & Remover
10 oz

Product Information

  • Degrease nearly any surface safely and effectively
  • Use on carpets, glass, metals, fabrics, countertops, flooring, upholstery, vinyl, walls, etc.
  • Pleasant orange scent
  • Product Code: 94213
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Product Description

The Stoner XENIT Natural Citrus Cleaner & Remover will help you remove tough baked-on grime with ease! A good detail all starts with cleaning the surface thoroughly, but many times a simple car shampoo is not enough for certain types of dirt and grime. XENIT contains Citrus 66, which is a natural, yet powerful, cleaning solvent. This solvent, when combined with the rest of the cleaning formula, will help loosen and break down the complex molecules found in adhesives, gum, decals, labels, crayon, grease, marker, ink, shoe scuffs, tar, sap, etc. Use this cleaning product on your carpets, glass, metals, fabrics, countertops, flooring, upholstery, vinyl, walls around the house and much more. XENIT will not leave behind any residue, has a pleasant orange scent and contains a disinfectant to help kill germs and odors. Stop struggling with tough grime, use the Stoner XENIT Natural Citrus Cleaner & Remover instead!

From The Label

Product Description

The Fast and Easy Way to Remove Sticky Stuff, Stains, and Gunk from Almost Any Surface.

  • When you have a mess...Clean it with XENIT. Xenit (zee-nit) cleans most surfaces in seconds, saving you time, effort, and money.
  • XENIT contains a proprietary cleaning formula with Citrus 66, an all natural, highly refined extract of citrus fruit. With this powerful ingredient, XENIT can remove the sticky, greasy soils and stains that soap, water and ordinary household products can't.
  • You'll find hundreds of uses for XENIT around your home, garage, workshop, or business. For example, XENIT will remove grease from clothing, gum from carpet, and lipstick from upholstery. It will remove tr, decals, and adhesives from wood and metals. XENIT will remove dried latex paint from carpet, flooring, trim, and furniture. For ink on fabric, shoescuffs on flooring, or crayon on painted walls - don't worry. Simply Clean it with XENIT!
  • When you Clean it with XENIT, you get a pleasant orange scent; no nasty odors. It drys completely, leaving no sticky residue. XENIT even contains a disinfectant to help kill germs and eliminate odors.
  • XENIT's powerful formula won't harm most materials when used as directed. However, always test for compatibility before using. To remove water soluble stains and spills from drinks, candy, and other non-oily foods, use Foaming XENIT Cleaner.


Read label before using. Natural Citrus XENIT Cleaner will not harm most materials when used as directed. However, XENIT is a powerful remover that can be harmful to some plastics, paints, and other solvent sensitive materials. Always test for compatibility before using in a small, out-of-the-way area. Before applying XENIT, scrape or extract any excess of the material to be removed.

Application: FOr most tasks, to avoid saturating surface, wet a colorfast cloth with XENIT and then gently dab or rub surface to clean it. Use XENIT sparingly and absorb away excess immediately after cleaning. XENIT may be applied directly to solvent resistant surfaces like metals, concrete, and most fabrics Always apply cautiously. Do not spray directly on carpet to avoid damage to backing. Dab carpet clean with wetted cloth instead.

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