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Advanced Complete Detailing Kit

January 28th, 2008

Completing an exquisite detailing job comes from a combination of using the right tools and techniques. We have provided a wealth of detailing information in our Detailing Guide and all the right tools included in the Complete Detailing Kit – Advanced. The Advanced Complete Detailing Kit has many of the finest detailing products available in the world in one package hand selected by the owners of Detailed Image. You will have everything you need to care for your interior, exterior and engine bay from one simple kit.

A good detail starts off by removing the contamination from the surface. This is a two step process that starts off with a good wash and is followed up with a clay bar. Washing the vehicle will help remove loose contamination. Rinse down your vehicle and spray the P21S Auto Wash on areas with heavy contamination or stubborn stains. The P21S Auto Wash is a citrus degreaser that is totally safe on your vehicle’s exterior. It gently breaks up contaminants so they can be removed during the washing process. Get two buckets and fill them both two thirds full with water. Put the Grit Guard in one bucket and then pour 1 – 2 ounces of the Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II in to the other bucket. Add more water to the shampoo and water mix to increase the suds so you have a nice lather to work with. Rinse your vehicle now and use the Sheepskin Wash Mitt to wipe the vehicle from the top down. After 1 – 2 panels we recommend rinsing your Sheepskin Wash Mitt in the bucket with the Grit Guard. Wipe the mitt lightly against the Grit Guard to help loosen contaminants. Keeping your wash mitt clean is essential to washing safely. Next dunk your mitt back in the shampoo and water mix and continue washing your vehicle. After you have done all the upper panels and glass we recommend you use the Blue Grout Sponge on low panels, wheels and other highly contaminated areas. This helps preserve your Sheepskin Wash Mitt so it remains a safe an effective cleaning tool. When you are done thoroughly rinse your vehicle and move it into a shaded area, if it’s not already. The Microfiber Waffle Weave Drying Towels will help you safely dry your vehicle without adding any micro-scratches. The waffle weave pattern helps the towel absorb large amounts of water unlike any other towel you have ever used. Use the blot drying technique, which is the when you lift the towel up and move it to a new area, instead of dragging the towel. We have included two of these towels so you can thoroughly dry your vehicle.

Step one of the cleaning process is done and you have removed the majority of the contamination. Clay bar is the next step which removes the more tightly bonded contaminants that have clung to the clear coat or the clear coat’s micro-ridges. If you look at the clear coat through a microscope you’ll see many tiny ridges where contaminants will get stuck. This causes the clear coat to look dull and it also prevents the sealant from properly bonding to the clear coat. To remove these contaminants you’ll need to spray the Chemical Guys Luber (i.e. clay lube) across a small section of the paint (2ft x 2ft). Glide the DI Accessories Gentle Fine Grade Clay Bar across that area with light pressure. The clay bar will automatically pick up and collect the contaminants. Stubborn stains will take multiple passes, but when you are done wipe the area with a clean All Purpose Microfiber Towel. Remold the clay and repeat this process on the paint, glass, coated wheels and more. The 200gram clay bar we provide is extra large so we recommend you break it into 4 or 5 pieces for multiple fresh uses. We also recommend you spray some clay lube on the clay bar and put it back in the storage container in between uses.

Removing the contaminants makes polishing more effective as well. Polishing helps eliminate many of the swirls and fine scratches in the clear coat where contaminants are often found. Swirls, oxidation and fine scratches are also a major contributor to a dull shine. All of these imperfections in the clear coat prevent light from giving your paint that deep and luminous glow. We have included one of the finest buffers in detailing with the world’s premier polishes from Menzerna and high quality buffing pads for the ultimate polishing. Before we explain how to use these products together we’ll explain why the selected products here are so highly regarded by the high end detailing community. The Flex 3401 VRG is really a revolutionary buffer that uses a forced orbital rotation. This makes it almost like a hybrid orbital and rotary buffer. The Flex buffer has the strong power of a rotary buffer that allows you to remove deeper imperfections and truly restore paint to a like new condition. Traditional rotary buffers have been able to do this but they have always had the propensity to easily burn your paint. The Flex buffer all but eliminates this problem with it’s forced orbital rotation, which prevents the buffer from building up too much heat and possibly burning through the paint. It has an adjustable speed dial from 1 – 6 that brings you from 3,200 – 9,600 OPMs (Oscillations Per Minute). There is also a trigger that allows you to gently raise and lower the speed, with the maximum speed being whatever you set the dial to. You can lock the buffer in at your desired speed by simply pushing in the locking button. Amazingly the Flex buffer weighs less than 6lbs so it’s easy to operate for extended periods of time and hold at different angles. Two ergonomic grips at 6 and 12 o’clock, directly above and below the spindle, help the operator apply more even pressure. In summary this buffer has everything you need to buff in your favorite polish.

The Menzerna polishes we selected to be applied by the Flex buffer are some of the newest products from Menzerna that are the favorite of many high end professional detailers. Menzerna has been making polishes for over 130 years and they are obsessed with delivery only the absolute highest quality polishes, which has kept them one step ahead of their competition. The two polishes included in this package are the Menzerna Super Intensive Polish and the Menzerna PO106FF. These polishes will help remove light to medium imperfections in the clear coat like swirls, oxidation, fine scratches, water marks, etc. Both polishes have some of the finest sized cutting particles any polish has ever used. These particles are much smaller and smoother than previous polishes, but they are more densely clustered. The new particles gives the polishes similar cutting power to previous polishes, but significantly increases the clarity of the clear coat. Since the particles are so smooth the clear coat is far more optically clear, this allows more light to pass through the clear coat and thus a deeper reflection. These products can be applied by hand or with an orbital buffer but higher speed buffers like the Flex are ideal for their application. Polishes need lots of heat and pressure to be properly broken down and worked in to the clear coat. The pads that apply these products are specifically selected to help maximize each products performance as well. We have supplied you with two of each of the pads needed to complete a detail. You may want to use two of the same pads during the detail as the pad becomes more saturated with product. We recommend using a fresh pad halfway through the detail for optimal results.

Before polishing we recommend you thoroughly shake the bottles and pour the polishes and sealant into the three supplied 4oz Dispenser Bottles. The 4oz Dispenser Bottles have a fine tipped spout for more accurate pouring, the bottle fits nicely in your pocket so you don’t have to bend over continuously and you can more easily monitor how much product you are using. Attach your Orange Light Cutting Pad to the Flex buffer and apply several small drops of the Menzerna Super Intensive Polish to the outside edge of the pad. Smear the product over a small area (no more than 2ft x 2ft). Turn the buffer on to the desired speed, usually speed 4 – 6, and work the buffer slowly up and down and side to side overlapping each pass by 50%. Use light to medium pressure during this process so the product is worked in appropriately. After completing this step stop the buffer and remove the excess product with a clean All Purpose Microfiber Towel. Repeat this until you have done the whole vehicle and repeat the same steps with the Menzerna PO106FF and a White Polishing Pad. Upon completion you will be amazed at how many swirls and fine imperfections you have removed from the clear coat. The true shine of your paint can now be seen and further enhanced with a coat of sealant and wax.

Pour several small drops of Chemical Guys Jetseal 109 on the Blue Fine Finishing Pad and smear the product over a small area roughly 2ft x 2ft. Turn the buffer on and work the product in with several passes until the area is thoroughly covered. After completing several panels you can remove the excess product very easily with either an All Purpose Microfiber Towel or the Ultra Plush Microfiber Towel. The Chemical Guys Jetseal 109 is arguably one of the most well rounded sealants because it does everything very well. The paint will look very shinny and feel ultra sleek to the touch. With one coating you’ll protect your paint for 4 – 6 months. For optimal results and durability, before you apply an additional coat of sealant or a new coat of wax you should 24 hours for the sealant to fully cure. During this time we recommend you begin other parts of the detail like wheel and tire care or interior detailing. Next take the supplied applicator pad from the Chemical Guys 50/50 Limited Edition Concourse Paste Wax and buff the top of wax for a light coating of wax. Buff it on the paint with a circular hand motion and light to medium pressure. After completing several panels remove the product with an All Purpose Microfiber Towel or the Ultra Plush Microfiber Towel. The Chemical Guys 50/50 Limited Series Concourse Paste Wax is one of the premium waxes on the market.  It’s a versatile wax designed to look exceptional on every color paint.  It adds a layer of gloss and depth that makes the paint look infinitely deep.  It applies and removes with ease so you can get that amazing shine in no time.  Best of all this is a 16oz jar where as most waxes are only 6 – 8 ounces so it’s also a tremendous value!

Spray P21S Auto Wash on your tires to help clean them from the road grime and contamination they accumulate. By cleaning the tire you will help the tire dressing more readily absorb into the rubber. The P21S Wheel Gel is used to help safely clean any type of wheel finish. This product uses a citrus cleaning solution that is pH balanced, so it is fine on ALL wheels. Spray the gel on your wheels and watch as it clings to the surface and starts separating contaminants from the surface. Use the Blue Grout Sponge to help agitate difficult build ups. If any stains remain polish them out with the P21S Finish Restorer and a Two Sided Microfiber Polishing Towel. This polish will help remove oxidation, embedded brake dust, corrosion and other embedded contaminates. With one application you won’t believe how much better your wheels look. This product is fine on stock wheels and most aftermarket wheels but do not use this product on painted wheel, hard cast aluminum or anodized surfaces. To protect your wheels from future build-ups you should apply a coat of the Poorboy’s World Wheel Sealant. Wipe your Microfiber Applicator Pad in the Wheel Sealant Jar for a very small dab of product and then buff it into the wheel. This product stretches very far so one small drop should be enough for an entire wheel. One jar should give you 15 – 25+ coats for all four wheels. The Wheel Sealant provides a micro thin yet extremely strong barrier between your wheels and the environment. This helps prevent the build up of brake dust and makes future cleanings much easier. The last step is to apply the Poorboy’s World Bold n Bright with your Tire Dressing Applicator. The applicator will help you carefully spread the product to add a bold shine to your tires. The Poorboy’s World Bold n Bright is a water based dressing that will actually nourish the rubber and help prevent brown spots and cracking.

Driving with clean and clear glass is a necessity to safe driving which is always highlighted when you drive in difficult conditions. Whether it is the glaring sun or torrential rain we all drive in difficult conditions at some point. The glass care products we have included in this package will help eliminate and minimize most problems drivers encounter with simple and easy to use products. The first part of this process is to understand where the problems lie. Your vehicle’s glass has micro pores all over it that create pockets for moisture and contaminants to cling to. Dirty wiper blades can grind in contaminants in to the same area of the glass over and over again with very strong pressure. This can create fine scratches that span the entire length of the wipers path. These pockets and fine scratches are where smearing, contaminants and haze accumulate, which makes seeing directly through the glass difficult. It’s essential to deep clean the glass and then seal the micro pores for the best vision possible. To begin wet the exterior glass, which may be best done while in conjunction with washing your vehicle. To begin this process pour a quarter sized drop of the Glass Science Glass Scrub to a wet Foam Applicator Pad. Buff the glass in a circular motion with medium pressure and then thoroughly rinse the glass. You’ll instantly notice the water running down the glass with ease. Dry the glass when you’re done with the Microfiber Waffle Weave Drying Towel in a shaded area. The glass should now be clean and ready to be sealed with the Glass Science Rain Clear Gel. Apply a nickel sized drop to a clean Microfiber Applicator Pad and buff the exterior glass. After completing one window remove the excess product with a clean All Purpose Microfiber Towel and repeat on all of the exterior glass. Now when you drive through a snow storm or heavy rain you’ll notice the moisture beads up and rolls of the glass with ease. When you’re driving over 40 mph you may even notice the moisture rolling off with no wipers. The sealant helps fill in those micro pores so the windshield wipers make more solid contact with the glass. The Chemical Guys Window Clean will help you clean the interior glass now. The Chemical Guys Window Clean is safe on tinted windows. Spray a light mist of the Invisible Glass on an All Purpose Microfiber Towel and wipe the glass until it’s clean. Follow up this application with a slightly damp microfiber towel and wipe the windows you just cleaned to remove any remaining residue. Wipe down the glass with the Glass Microfiber Towel to ensure you have absolutely streak free glass. The low nap and special materials used in this towel make solid contact with the glass and let no streaks escape. Use this same process on the exterior glass if you don’t want to use the Glass Scrub in the beginning of your routine. The glass will now look clean and clear, just as it was intended to be.

The interior of your vehicle is where you will spend countless hours, so take pride in this area by cleaning and protecting it regularly. The Microfiber, 303 and Leatherique products included in this part of the process will leave your interior looking better than new. Spray the 303 Cleaner and Spot Remover on an All Purpose Microfiber Towel and wipe down your dashboard, doors, console, pillars, cup holders, fabrics and more. This product will help you safely and efficiently pick up contaminants. The All Purpose Microfiber Towel helps collect dust with its special weave and fibers. This helps ensure you don’t push particles in to the air and let them resettle on the same area you just cleaned. For dusting in between full details we recommend you keep an Ultra Plush Microfiber Towel handy and lightly wipe the desired surfaces when needed. For fabrics spray any stains and agitate them with a brush and wash them disappear. To protect any rubber, leather, leatherette, vinyl or plastic surface treat them with the 303 Aerospace Protectant. Spray a clean All Purpose Microfiber Towel and then wipe down your doors, seats, console, trim, rubber molding, tires, etc. You will give them a nice bold matte finish with valuable UV protection. Best off all this product does not have a greasy or oily feel when you apply it lightly as it is intended to be applied. To clean and condition your leather trust the Leatherique brand to give your leather the finest care available. Massage the Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil in by hand or with a Microfiber Applicator Pad. The conditioner will soak deep in to the leather and help force proteins back in to the leather so it remains strong yet flexible. This will also help force foreign particles out of the leather and to the surface for removal. If your seats are dry you may want to apply extra product and let it soak in. For best results let your leather sit in the sun or turn on your heated seats for several hours. The heat helps open the leather’s pores and let the product soak deeper in to your leather. After you are done apply a coating of the Leatherique Prestine Clean right on top of the Rejuvenator Oil with a Microfiber Applicator Pad. This product will help remove contaminants that have risen to the surface or if they are still in the leather. Let this product sit for 15 minutes and then remove the excess product with a damp All Purpose Microfiber Towel. Follow it up with a dry All Purpose Microfiber Towel to ensure all moisture and excess product is thoroughly removed. Your leather will look and feel much better every time you use this product. This process will also help keep your leather healthier to help prevent fading, cracking, etc. You may also apply the 303 Aerospace Protectant to the leather for additional UV protection.

Completing this process will leave your vehicle thoroughly cleaned and protected while looking its absolute best. The Advanced Detailing Kit gives you many of the best products available and the results will show it. This will help increase the resale value of your vehicle while you get a great deal on the bundle savings in the Advanced Complete Kit. Transform your vehicle today in to something you will be extremely proud of! To purchase this kit at a special package price, visit our Advanced Complete Kit product page.

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