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3M Adhesive Remover

3M Adhesive Remover - 12 oz
3M Adhesive Remover on the 3M Paint Defender Spray sold separately
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Available Sizes

3M Adhesive Remover
12 oz

Product Information

  • Quickly and safely remove tough baked on contamination with ease
  • Spray onto the effected area, let it dwell for a minute and wipe clean
  • Removes tar, sap, grease, paint over spray, bug smear, old wax and more!
  • Product Code: 03618
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Product Description

3M Adhesive Remover works quickly to remove sticky contaminants without the use for scrubbing or scraping! This formula contains a specially blended adhesive remover solvent designed to remove anything sticky from your vehicle safely. Spray on this aerosol formula and you will be amazed at how it immediately goes to work, breaking the bond between the contamination and the surface. With very little effort at all you can remove the most stubborn of contaminants from your vehicle. It will not only remove adhesive residue, but light paint over spray, wax, grease, tree sap, dirt, road tar, oil, bug residue and more! This product will remove any protection (ie sealant or wax) you previously applied to the area, so we recommend applying new protection to the areas you treat. If you have tough to remove contamination use the 3M Adhesive Remover for a quick and easy way to clean!

From The Label

Product Description

3M Adhesive Remover - Aerosol
Helps remove tar, attachment tape and bumper sticker adhesive


  1. Spray liberally on surface to be cleaned. On vertical surfaces, do not apply to the point that product starts to run off.
  2. Allow a few seconds for the remover to penetrate the adhesive or contaminants. On areas where the adhesive or contaminants are thoroughly dry, keep the adhesive or contaminants wet for several minutes by repeated applications of remover.
  3. While the surface is wet, wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Note: Pressing hard may cause surfaces to dull.
  4. Repeat application if necessary.
  5. Apply 3M Performance Finish (PN 39030) to the entire vehicle for a full season's protection.

Note: On painted surfaces, the paint must be cured and the surface cool. Test for potential surface damage by applying to an inconspicuous area first. Use in well-ventilated area. When cleaning an adhesive from vinyl surfaces, soak the adhesive with a saturated rag and wipe gently. DO NOT RUB VINYL.

  1. Try peeling the sticker or tape off with your fingernail or soft plastic tool. If it releases from car surface, remove and follow Directions For Use. If not, proceed.
  2. Heat up the edge of the sticker or tape with a hair dryer. Keep the hair dryer moving to avoid overheating the paint. This will soften the adhesive so that you can pull up a corner.
  3. Slowly peel back sticker or tape. Apply more heat as necessary.
  4. Once sticker or tape is removed follow the Directions for Use.

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