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Chemical Guys Celeste Dettaglio Paste Wax V2

Chemical Guys Celeste Dettaglio Paste Wax V2 - 8 oz
Chemical Guys Celeste Dettaglio Paste Wax V2 - 8 oz opened Chemical Guys Celeste Dettaglio Paste Wax V2 - 8 oz Alternative View #2
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Chemical Guys Celeste Dettaglio Paste Wax V2
8 oz

Product Information

  • When your car demands a deep, wet, glossy finish, that is easy to apply and remove look no further than Celeste
  • Premium wax that rivals other options costing 5x more!
  • Looks amazing on all colors
  • Product Code: N_00P6
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Customer Reviews

100% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 1 ratings

Product Description

Chemical Guys has done it again by creating a wax that is the envy of other waxes with the Celeste Dettaglio Carnauba Paste Wax V2! Celeste Dettaglio means heavenly detail and the results are nothing short of heavenly. This outstanding carnauba paste wax was created with the passion and knowledge of expert detailers combined with the engineering geniuses at Chemical Guys. Their creation is a wax designed with one thing in mind, create an incredibly glossy surface plain and simple. It utilizes Brazilian Grade A carnauba wax that is refined six times to ensure it is the purest and highest quality carnauba wax. It is then combined with other natural oils so it has a relatively soft feel to it while easy to apply. It has already been used on world class show cars and exotic cars alike. Apply it to any color paint and the results are nothing short of stunning. It will spread with ease and cover every inch of your paint in a rich and glossy coating. The reflection is extraordinarily deep so the depth of your paint appears infinite. Celeste Dettaglio also distinguishes itself by having a crystal clear reflection that instantly commands your attention. The razor sharp reflection just seems to make your paint glow. This is why world class detailers have started using this wax on show cars that demand only the very best. If you want results that are heavenly then you need to get the Chemical Guys Celeste Dettaglio Carnauba Paste Wax V2.

Professional Detailer Reviews

This is by far one of the best wax's in my fridge. The wax is very easy to use and comes in a 8oz. jar. A single tub of this heavenly wax will get multiple, multiple applications with stunning results every time!

- Product Review: Celeste Dettaglio Wax by Brian Guy


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Customer Reviews

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Friday I used Celeste Dettaglio on an '08 Crystal Metallic Red C6. The wax has a pleasant fragrance (a fresh, clean kind of mild soap like smell). I applied by hand with a red foam applicator and it went on easily. I did half the car at a time, then buffed. It came off easily (but not super easy like Souveran). The finish is very slick and crisp with excellent depth and good wetness (sorry no pics...but I'm not sure photos really show differences in LSPs). I like the wax.

The only downside is some sweating on the hood after the car has been driven and then left to cool. The engine heat is causing some of the oils/solvents to gas off and haze alittle. I've been using chilled distilled water to easily remove it. I suspect in another day or two it will stop. I've had this issue with Supernatural as well....but maybe it's just me.

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