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Chemical Guys Bare Bones Undercarriage Spray - 128 oz

Chemical Guys Bare Bones Undercarriage Spray - 128 oz
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Chemical Guys Bare Bones Undercarriage Spray
16 oz
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Chemical Guys Bare Bones Undercarriage Spray
128 oz
($0.47 / oz)

Product Information

  • One of our best trim dressings that brings out a beautiful black factory finish and UV protects!
  • Ideal for wheel wells, under carriage, engine bay and any other dark trim pieces
  • To avoid over spray, we recommend misting Bare Bones into a towel, then wiping the trim piece
  • Product Codes: TVD_104_16, TVD_104
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Customer Reviews

97% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 35 ratings

Product Description

The undercarriage is often the most neglected part of the vehicle but in reality it's probably the most important to protect. The Chemical Guys Bare Bones Undercarriage Spray makes this job much easier for anyone to do. Simply just spray any part of the undercarriage that is black or gray which is usually the sub frame, springs, wheel wells, fender wells, etc. After you spray that area, just walk away and you're all done. You'll get plenty of protection against road grime, salt, UV rays, etc to help preserve the undercarriage with Bare Bones.


Chemical Guys - Bare Bones Undercarriage Detailing

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Product Description

Chemical Guys Bare Bones Undercarriage Spray restores a deep black shine to plastic, rubber, and metal undercarriage parts, fender liners, wheel wells, and suspension components. Undercarriage parts are constantly exposes to dirt grime, water, road salt, and even UV sunlight. Road elements degrade, stain, and fade black undercarriage parts, making them look gray and white. Simply spray Bare Bones to restore a deep-black appearance to fender liners, suspension parts, and wheel wells. The oil-based formula penetrates deep into rubber and plastic, moisturizes and nourishes dried out plastic and rubber, and restores a deep black look and soft feel. Use Bare Bones on any plastic, rubber and metal fender liners, mud flaps, wheel wells, subframes, chassis and suspension parts, and differentials. Choose Bare Bones Undercarriage Spray to restore a deep black appearance and make the undercarriage of any off-road vehicle, lifted truck, or daily driver look invisible.


Directions: Always test small inconspicuous area first. Clean dirt and debris from undercarriage parts. Shake well. Spray Bare Bones directly onto the desired surface and allow to dry for 5 minutes. Severely neglected parts may require Bare Bones to be worked into the surface with a towel or applicator for best results. For desired look, wipe off excess with an old cloth or rag to reduce any extra wet shine.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely awesome! I used it inside the salon of the car on vinyl surfaces-looks beautiful, just as nice as on the outside plastic protective trims. An awesome product! Thank you for making it and Rocco guys for recommending it.
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Great product. Was using foaming tire dressing to treat shell wells, left them greasy and shining. This product eliminated all of that. It's true to advertising, makes wheel wells disappear. Leaves a fresh from the factory matte finish.
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
As other reviewers stated it is a great product to dress wheel wells! Chemical guys bottles suck though. Sprayer broke after a few sprays. Couldn't get top off. Has to cut top off and dump into my own bottle!

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