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Chemical Guys Hose Free ECOwash

Chemical Guys Hose Free ECOwash - 16 oz
Chemical Guys Hose Free ECOwash Manufacturer Label
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Chemical Guys Hose Free ECOwash
16 oz

Product Information

  • Perfect for mobile detailers, enthusiasts without access to a hose or washing in a garage
  • All you need is to fill up 2 buckets of water and you can wash your car, no water source needed
  • Best applied with a plush microfiber towel, grout sponge or sheepskin wash mitt
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Product Code: CWS 222-16
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Customer Reviews

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Product Description

Don't have access to a hose? No problem at all when you wash your vehicle with just a bucket of water and the Chemical Guys Hose Free ECOwash. This unique car wash formula allows you to properly wash your vehicle without the need to rinse the vehicle down with a hose. Just pour one ounce per gallon of water in your bucket and you have a paint safe and hose free washing solution. Wash your vehicle like normal and then proceed right to drying. The extremely slick formula helps you wash with ease and contaminants simply glide off the paint. This formula also has gloss enhancing additives and polymers which make the paint look amazing after the wash as well. This is perfect for mobile detailers or anyone who likes to detail while traveling. Some apartment complexes do not provide hose access, so you can still wash your car with this formula. Too much direct sun and high temperatures can make your vehicle prone to water mark etchings while washing. Water marks look terrible and can be very tough to remove so it's important to be careful while washing. If you normally wash in direct sun and high temperatures you can now wash the vehicle inside your garage without the fear of water marks. If you live in area with freezing cold temperatures this formula allows you to wash inside or outside without the hose. The versatility of this formula is outstanding and makes it a must have for virtually any detailer. The benefits don't stop there because the Hose Free ECOwash is environmentally friendly with it's bio-degradable formula while helping you conserve water. A normal wash can use more than 100 gallons of water while this solution only requires a couple of gallons at most. Therefore you conserve tons of water and help out the environment. The Chemical Guys Hose Free ECOwash allows you to wash your vehicle anywhere and anytime while being environmentally friendly.

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From The Label

Product Description



Hose free Wash + Gloss Hyper Concentrate reduces water, saves time, helps the environment and best of all it's fast and easy in the sun or the shade, during the summer or the winter. The average hose-wash requires 80-120 gallons of water. Hose Free ECOwash eliminates water waste and run-off because the only water you need is in the bucket. Keep your auto clean, shiny and looking its best while being responsible about the environment. Hose Free ECOwash is engineered from the ground up like all Chemical Guys Products from the finest ingredients. This super concentrate utilizes premium polymers and gloss enhancing additives combined with the slickest lubricants to reduce friction while washing while enhancing shine and protection. Hose Free ECOwash is your total-wash solution for cars and trucks to RV's motor homes, planes, boats and anything that needs a good cleaning.


Mix 1oz. of Hose Free ECOwash with 2-3 gallons of water in a bucket. Always use a nice soft microfiber wash mitt or wash-sponge for cleaning and Soak it in the bucket. Start at the top and work your way down. Wash the roof of the car and windows then hood and trunk. Followed by the side panels or doors. Soak the wash mitt or towel in the bucket whenever it look soiled or dirty and repeat. Use a clean dry microfiber towel to dry vehicle, aircraft or motorcycle.

Customer Reviews

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Suds up a bit but not anywhere near as much as a normal shampoo. It seems to be more difficult the dry the car using this product but it does seem to have a lot more cleaning power compared to ONR and it makes the paint really smooth.

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