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DI Accessories Sheepskin Wash Mitt without thumb

Best Seller DI Accessories Sheepskin Wash Mitt without thumb
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Product Information

  • All natural fibers makes it one of the safest wash mitts on the market
  • The natural fibers help pull contamination away from the surface without harming even the most delicate finishes
  • When done rinse any contamination away using free flowing water than hang dry with leather loop
  • Can be used with any shampoo or rinseless wash (i.e. Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine New Formula (ONR))
  • Also available in the with thumb version!
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Customer Reviews

92% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 39 ratings

Product Description

Most swirls are added during the washing process so it is very important to have a high quality washing tool. Generic mitts and sponges are often not soft and plush enough to safely clean your entire vehicle. They lack the paint safe fibers and pockets of space that ensure you don't grind in contaminants while washing. The extremely soft collection of natural paint safe fibers makes this a premium wash mitt for top quality detailing work. Equally important is that contaminates in the mitt are easily released when you put the mitt in your rinsing bucket. Releasing contaminates is critical, so they do not remain on the surface while you continue to wash. This product is made from natural materials, which means there are varying levels of durability compared to synthetic mitts. However the ultra plush natural fibers in the Sheepskin Wash Mitt give you peace of mind knowing you are using a paint safe mitt. The only difference between this mitt and the one with the thumb is just the thumb. They are both from the same quality materials, this one doesn't have a specific slot for your thumb. Use one today and you will be impressed with the outstanding results!

Also available in the with thumb version!

Professional Detailer Reviews

The DI Sheepskin Mitt is a main tool in my detailing arsenal and one I would highly recommend to anyone out there. It works very well both with traditional washing methods as well as rinseless products, such as Optimum No-Rinse. It's one of the few tools that is always used and has no replacement so there's no wondering what to choose for a specific car, as we do with cleaners, polishes, claybar, etc. Definitely a must have for anyone and a big time favorite of mine!

- Product Review: DI Accessories Sheepskin Wash Mitt by Ivan Rajic


Product Demonstration and detailing guide done by Chemical Guys Friend and Customer Craig using a complete lineup of Chemical Guys products.

Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? Yes
Very silky feel like the material is a mink or something. At first I thought it did not hold as much water as some other brand mitts I've used, but it could be the material pattern hides the volume. The material is very elegant and should resist scratches very well. This is a thinner style of wash mitts
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Great value and leaves no scratches or swirl marks.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
I was impressed with the mitt when I first took it out of the bag. It looks sheared, so the fur surface is very smooth initially. This means that there are no longer and shorter fibers to create pockets for the dirt to get stuck in between. The elastic cuff was just fine for me. It was a little loose - but no biggie - I just upend my arm when I finish rinsing out the mitt, and the water runs out of the mitt. I use the two bucket technique, with a grit guard, and the rinse water gets grey and dirty nearly immediately, while the suds bucket stays white and clean. That shows that the shearling rinses out well and the dirt comes off easily. I bought two of them since they were on sale. The loop to hang it to dry works out great. I just rinse the mitt, run my other hand over it to squeeze out the excess water, and hang it up to dry for the next use. The best mitt I've used, and since it was on sale, it was a great buy. Very very happy with it.

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