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Gyeon Bathe

! We're sorry, this item is currently out of stock
This item is currently on backorder. Orders containing this item will ship as soon as we have the 1000 ml Gyeon Bathe in stock. Estimated ship date: 1/20/17. Check out the 400 ml that is in stock right now.
Gyeon Bathe - 1000 ml
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Available Sizes

Gyeon Bathe
400 ml
($0.04 / ml)
Gyeon Bathe
1000 ml
($0.02 / ml)

Product Information

  • High end shampoo that removes dirt and grime safely and easily
  • pH neutral and high lubricity formula
  • Can be diluted up to 500:1
  • Pair with the Gyeon Smoothie
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Product Description

Gyeon Bathe is a high end shampoo that will help you remove various contamination fast and easy. For most vehicles, imperfections and paint defects come from poor washing and drying products and techniques. A two-bucket method and high quality wash media can only partly guarantee success. If you want to take your washing to the next level, you need to add in a high quality shampoo. Gyeon Bathe is extremely slick, allowing the high quality particles to encapsulate dirt and grime, while lubricating the surface. This allows you to glide your wash media across the surface, safely removing harmful dirt and grime. Bathe is extremely concentrated and carries a dilution ratio of 500:1. This allows you to play around and find the exact dilution that works for your personal detailing, along with carrying a great value with every bottle purchased. This high end formula is also pH neutral, making it a great maintenance shampoo for paint already protected by a coating, wax or sealant. It will not negatively affect your protection, and delicate finishes such as nickel, chrome plated, or highly polished metals. With a great deal of suds and the high lubricity mentioned before, Gyeon Bathe is a product you will be proud to add to your detailing collection!

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