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CarPro HydrO2 Concentrate

CarPro HydrO2 Concentrate - 100 ml
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CarPro HydrO2 Concentrate
100 ml
($0.21 / ml)
CarPro HydrO2 Concentrate
500 ml
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CarPro HydrO2 Concentrate
1 L
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Product Information

  • Protect your paint for up to three months!
  • Simply spray it on and rinse it off, no wiping necessary!
  • No cure time!
  • Incredible value!
  • Product Codes: CP-119, CP-1195, CP-1191L
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Customer Reviews

88% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 26 ratings

Product Description

The CarPro HydrO2 Concentrate (formerly known as HydrO2 Wipe Less Silica Spray Sealant) will protect your paint with as little effort as, spray on, rinse off! HydrO2 is formulated with hydrophilic glass fibers, silicon polymers, and fluoropolymers, which allow this product to be applied to all vehicle surfaces (i.e. painted surfaces, glass, plastic, convertible tops, wheels, calipers, wheel wells, trim, headlights, etc.). Make sure your car is clean and free of imperfections before you start. Then wet the entire surface of your vehicle with water. HydrO2's hydroelectric bonding function reacts chemically with water contact, meaning that this coating transforms from hydrophilic to hydrophobic once you spray it onto the wet surface. The pressure from the water stream when rinsing the surface helps accelerate the bonding of HydrO2, creating a hydrophobic layer of protection! That's right, there is no rubbing, buffing, or wiping this product into the paint! Simply dry the surface after you rinse and you are all set! The HydrO2 also offers a great value, dilute it at 1:3 (HydrO2 to Water) and you will have a wipe-less silica spray that lasts up to 3 months. Grab a bottle of the CarPro HydrO2 Concentrate today and protect your car with one easy rinse!

Want to skip diluting? Check out the CarPro HydrO2 Lite for a ready to use option!

  • Do not use in direct sunlight. Thoroughly clean the surface to be protected. Do not use any type of wash and wax product as this will interfere with the bonding of Hydro2.
  • Dilute 1:6~10 (HydrO2 to Water) into a spray bottle.
  • Working on a third of the vehicle at a time (while it's still wet), spray a fine mist of Hydro2 directly onto the surface.
  • Thoroughly rinse off using a strong jet of water.
  • Continue this method until entire vehicle has been treated.
  • Dry the vehicle using a clean microfiber towel (i.e. Waffle Weave Drying Towel) or car dryer, like the Metro Vacuums Blaster SideKick Blower.

Professional Detailer Reviews

I go panel by panel, spray a door and then rinse with a strong stream of water. Move to the next panel and repeat until you cover the entire car. Then simply dry the car and that's it, you just sealed your car with Hydr02!
Product Review: Car-Pro HydrO2
HydrO2 makes it incredibly quick and easy to seal your wheels, no matter how complicated the design. HydrO2 will work its way into all of the cracks and crevices easily. In my personal experiences, I have found HydrO2 to perform well for 1-2 months on wheels. It simply doesn't get any easier than this!
CarPro HydrO2: Seal Your Wheels in Less than 1 Minute
HydrO2 can be applied to your entire vehicle (wheels, paint, and glass) in a matter of minutes! There is no rubbing, wiping, or buffing required during application, and once applied, your vehicle will be a breeze to dry off. Simply flood or sheet the majority of water from the surface, and then blow the rest off with your Master Blaster.
CarPro HydrO2: Application Tips
If you're looking for a true one-step process for washing and sealing your vehicle, HydrO2 Foam may be a real time saver!
Product Review: CarPro HydrO2 Foam


CarPro HydrO2 - How to Quickly Seal and Protect Your Wheels

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From The Label

Product Description

  • Suitable for any wet surface
  • High gloss & smooth
  • Water/dirt repellent
  • Fast & Easy
  • Durable up to 3 months


  1. Wash and clean your car well.
  2. Dilute HYDRO2 1 : 3 with water
  3. Spray section by section over the surface while it's wet.
  4. Rinse well using pressure wash without wiping/
  5. Remove any leftover droplets with MF.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
This my second bottle. Dilute 1:6 and use only on wheels. Spay on all four wheels and then rinse well. Makes cleaning easy ever time.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
This product is super easy to apply and does what it claims. I now always have some on hand for both personal and professional use.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
I'm neutral on this product after first use. Seems to be different recommendations on the dilution. Directions state: Dilute 1:6~10 (HydrO2 to Water) into a spray bottle. Yet product description here states dilute it at 1:3 (HydrO2 to Water)?

Anyway, I diluted 1 part product to 3 parts water. Washed my SUV. Applied on roof, rinsed with pressure washer. Applied on panels, rinsed again. Then did a final rinse with my CR spotless (new resin). Dried with my Master Blaster. Silver paint looks good and slick. However, my windows have a haze and spots, same with black plastic trim around the windows and pillars. Had to scrub windows with window cleaner to remove, took some elbow grease.

I did my wife's sedan and avoided the roof and windows. Looks good.

I have mixed feelings with this product on windows and trim. Did I need to dilute more?

I would rather apply Reload or Bead Maker by hand than the effort of getting this stuff off my windows and trim again.....

Wish this review section would allow photos to show.

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