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Rupes DA Fine Polishing Foam Pad Yellow

Best Seller Rupes DA Fine Polishing Foam Pad Yellow - 4"
Rupes DA Fine Polishing Foam Pad Yellow - 4" Alternative View
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Rupes DA Fine Polishing Foam Pad Yellow
Rupes DA Fine Polishing Foam Pad Yellow
Rupes DA Fine Polishing Foam Pad Yellow
Rupes DA Fine Polishing Foam Pad Yellow
Rupes DA Fine Polishing Foam Pad Yellow

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Product Description

Rupes DA Fine Polishing Foam Pad Yellow delivers fast removal of light to moderate paint defects while polishing the paint to a high-gloss finish! This pad is unique suited to remove imperfections in the paint like ultra fine swirls, oxidation, etc. but it can finish down remarkably well. So if your vehicle is relatively new or only has very modest imperfections you can utilize just this polish for outstanding results and skip a multi-polish process. Pair this pad with any random orbital (i.e. BigFoot Random Orbital Polisher) and gear-drive orbital polishers (i.e. BigFoot Mille LK900E) along with the Rupes D-A Fine Polishing Compound for high-quality results and a brilliant finish. It's a powerful yet very gentle combination that can really take your paint to the next level. On top of these great features, Rupes DA pads feature two unique tweaks:

Lower Profile - In addition to all-new materials the DA System Foam Pads feature an optimized pad height extensively tested to offer the best balance between balance and polishing performance.

Contour Edge - The new, unique, contour edge improves pad stability and provides additional control in the curves allowing users to realize increased performance, even on varied surfaces.

Rupes D-A Pad Packaging:
Rupes worked hard to not only engineer great pads but the packaging in which the pads are packed. This metallic film flow material ensures excellent mechanical properties against accidental piercing and ripping, along with protection from UV rays, dust, and humidity. This allows you to store unopened pads for longer, along with used pads back into these packages in between details.

Rupes Measurements:
  • 1.25" - Backing measures 30mm - 1.25", while the front measures 38mm - 1.5"
  • 2" - Backing measures 50mm - 2", while the front measures 60mm - 2.5"
  • 4" - Backing measures 80mm - 3", while the front measures 100mm - 4"
  • 6" - Backing measures 130mm - 5", while the front measures 150mm - 6"
  • 7" - Backing measures 150mm - 6", while the front measures 180mm - 7"

Rupes D-A Polishing System:

Professional Detailer Reviews

We recently received the new Rupes D-A system to test out, this was all done on our personal vehicle, a Toyota Prius C, as we are extremely familiar with the paint and how it reacts so we can isolate that variable for a more streamlined analysis.
Product Review: Rupes D-A System


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Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? Yes
Can't go wrong with this pad after a compound process.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
These pads work great teamed up with the right compound. Results are top notch
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Rupes pads are a benchmark in the industry. The new design with its contoured edge, allows for more surface area and control. If you started paint correction on a rotary like I did 24 years ago, you will appreciate this new design, as it is like the pads of old-but better. The foam on the yellow is great for a one step, and also finishes down as good, if not better, than the Rupes white. The yellow pad, should be your number one tool in your arsenal. The most consistent pad on the market.

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