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DI Brushes Pro Series Wheel Brush

DI Brushes Pro Series Wheel Brush - Firm
DI Brushes Pro Series Wheel Brush - Firm Alternative View
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DI Brushes Pro Series Wheel Brush
DI Brushes Pro Series Wheel Brush

Product Information

  • Easily clean various wheel types
  • Two options, one for light and one for heavy cleanings
  • Extremely durable brush and a great value!
  • 10" long, with a 2" bristle length
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Customer Reviews

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Product Description

The DI Brushes Pro Series Wheel Brush will help you clean various wheel types with ease! Wheels are some of the most unique areas with various shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes available. With all of this customization, one brush may not be enough for each and every type. The Pro Series Wheel Brushes come in two great versions, so you know you will have the right brush for every wheel you come across. Firm is great for heavier cleanings and durable wheel finishes, while the soft is better for light cleanings and sensitive wheel finishes. Each brush is 10" long, with a 2" bristle length. The durable plastic construction from top to bottom allows this brush to stand up to the rigors of wheel detailing, but it features two great comfort and safety features. At the top of the brush head, a thermal plastic rubber safety bumper protects the wheel from the hard plastic base, preventing accidental dings, scratches, etc. The ergonomic design of the handle moves the hand away from the wheel, allowing for better comfort and control when cleaning. The thermal plastic rubber grip allows for greater comfort and control, as well as reducing slippage when wet. All of these various quality features make the Pro Series Wheel Brush one you should add to your brush collection today!

  • Firm - 10" Long, 2" Bristle Length, Blue Stiff Polypropylene, resists heat, acids, solvents and chemicals. Great for heavier cleanings where you need a little extra scrubber power.
  • Soft - 10" Long, 2" Bristle Length, Salt & Pepper Soft Polystyrene, resists water, oil, and chemicals. Good for lighter cleanings, or more sensitive areas that require a softer bristle type.

Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? Yes
SUPER soft brush, that leaves NO marks or scratches whatsoever.

The rubber-edging protects my rims from any hard plastic scratches, etc.
I'm using it regularly, and it's keeping my wheels nice and clean. Prob not the best option to remove heavy grime & dirt. I love it!

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