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Detailer Skinz for Rupes

Detailer Skinz for Rupes
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Product Information

  • Enhance the look of your Rupes polisher!
  • Represent yourself as a DETAILER!
  • Compatible with legacy and Mark II and III units
  • Decal looks cool and protects from dirt, grime and scuffs
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Product Description

The Detailer Skinz for Rupes helps you customize your Rupes Polisher with an easy to apply skin! Whether you have a Rupes LHR 21ES, 15ES, Mark ll or Mark III, a LH19E or LK900E, this decal kit will easily install to your unit. Simply clean your polisher with isopropyl alcohol to remove any oils on the surface, allowing it to be completely clean for application. Carefully install the supplied Skinz to the various corresponding panels of the tool and you are all set! Application is that easy and it not only changes the look of your polisher, but the Skinz will help protect it from dirt, grime, scuffs and more. On top of the protection properties, this skin simply looks cool due to the black background and the word Detailer in big bold letters. This draws attention to your polisher and shows everyone your support for the detailing industry and the passion we all share, making our cars stand out above the rest! Turn heads with the Detailer Skinz for Rupes!

Application Instructions:
  • Wipe down the polisher with isopropyl alcohol in all the desired areas you wish to apply. Buff Brite recommends a thorough cleaning and up to 3x wipedowns may be needed.
  • Perform step one again with new towels to make sure the surface is as clean as possible.
  • Spray your hands with isopropyl alcohol and wipe them clean with a towel.
  • Remove the large main body decal from the decal sheet and center it to the front of the machine (do not press down yet). Line up the front edges and back edges with the main body panel. Run your finger down the center of the decal from front to back. If alignment is not correct pull it up and readjust the decal until it is completely centered.
  • Working from the center to the outside lightly press down working out any air bubbles as you go. Do the same around the edges of the side stickers pressing down from the center working your way to the front and back of the sticker.
  • Press down firmly to activate all the adhesive and work out any air bubbles. If an air bubble is stuck under the surface you can lift the sticker slightly and repeat.
  • Line up all other decals with light pressure and when satisfied with alignment, press down firmly to activate adhesive.
  • Bonus: You can use a blow dryer or a low setting with a heat gun. If you get it up to a heat of 185 degrees it makes the adhesive beads burst and helps everything adhere even better.
  • Rupes LHR 21 & 15, Mark II and Mark IIl units may require very slight trimming to get an exact fit after application. The fit is very close but the case size is slightly different. This can easily be done with a straight razor blade or an exacto knife. Make sure it is a new sharp blade for best results. It is best to apply the decal first and then do your trimming by setting the blade on edge and running it along that edge to remove the excess decal. Please be careful, razor blades are sharp!
  • To apply the Buff Brite Flamethrower II Polishing Light decals, wiggle the light out of it rubber mount by applying pressure with your thumb to the back side of the light in its mount. Clean the exterior with isopropyl alcohol with two separate towels. Remove the decal from the s decal page and align it 1/8 of an inch from the edge of the light and simply wrap it around being careful to watch alignment along the edge.
  • Though you can go right to using your polisher it is recommended that you wait at least 30 minutes and preferably overnight before first use. This will allow the adhesive to activate completely and be more durable against the surface of the machine.

Care and Cleaning:
  • Please do not clean with glass cleaner or solvent-based products. These will reactivate the adhesive and make the edges weak and cause them to possibly peel up. Do not use heavy degreasers or all purpose cleaners as they may dull the finish. Use a clean, soft, microfiber towel and carefully work your way around the skinz being careful not to catch any edges and pull them up. You may use an instant detailer if needed, as long as it does not contain alcohol or solvent.

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