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Griot's Garage Speed Shine - 35 oz

Griot's Garage Speed Shine - 35 oz
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Available Sizes

Griot's Garage Speed Shine
35 oz

Product Information

  • Cleans and enhances gloss in one step
  • Safely removes light contamination build ups
  • Use for quick cleanings or after a wash to intensify the depth and gloss
  • Outstanding clay lube!
  • Best applied with a plush microfiber towel
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Customer Reviews

100% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 8 ratings

Product Description

The Griot's Garage Speed Shine quick detailer allows you to quickly and safely keep your paint, wheels, chrome, glass, and exterior trim clean! This high lubricity detail spray encapsulates particles allowing you to safely remove any dust and debris that has accumulated on your car since its last wash in a matter of minutes. This way you don't have to wash a freshly detailed vehicle with light surface contamination. You can simply use the Speed Shine to quickly clean up the surface. Just spray a section of your vehicle, wipe it away with a clean microfiber towel, and you will have an extremely clean surface with a great shine! The high lubricity and cleaning power makes it also great as a clay lube. It will help the clay bar glide safely side to side without marring the paint. If you are looking for a versatile quick detailer to safely remove dust, fingerprints, and light dirt, while maintaining a clean, brilliant shine, grab yourself a bottle of the Griot's Garage Speed Shine!


Spray Detailer Comparison: Speed Shine & Best of Show Detailer

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Griot's Garage - Speed Shine on a Ford GT Heritage Edition

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From The Label

Product Description

A premium detailer that eliminates gloss between washes

Speed Shine is a great way to maintain your paint's luster and extend the time between major car washes. This quick-and-easy detailer creates a slick layer of lubrication that gently loosens and lifts dust, pollen, smudges, light grime, bird bombs, tree sap, and other fresh contaminants before they can damage your paint. Speed Shine is safe for all paints and clearcoats and can also be used on trim, wheels, glass and interior plastic trim.


Shake well. Working on a cool surface, mist Speed Shine on one panel at a time. Using PFM Detailing Towel or microfiber cloth, wipe clean with no pressure, using overlapping passes to reveal a lustrous shine. Rotate towel frequently and utilize additional towels if towel becomes overly dirty and wet. Do not allow Speed Shine to dry on surface.

Tip of the Trade: Speed Shine is also ideal as a lubricant for our paint Cleaning Clay and Synthetic Clay products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Have reviewed this product before and still love it. Great results for a quick shine. Easy to use and a pleasant smell. Cant compare to other products b/ c only Qd I use
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
This is a great quick detailer. Use it as a lubricant for playing and in between washes. Best I have used.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
I have tried almost every QD on the market and for me this one works the best of any. It wipes of with minimal streaking and works well on hot ,black paint. Until now Sonax QD was my go to QD but Speed Shine out performs it and is a better value as well.

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