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Gyeon Bug & Grime - 400 ml

Gyeon Bug & Grime - 400 ml
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Gyeon Bug & Grime
400 ml

Product Information

  • Removes bug guts and road grime safely and easily
  • Safe to use on various areas of your car (paint, glass, trim, etc.)
  • Helps loosen bug splatter, tar, sap, bird droppings, etc.
  • Product Code: GY-2753
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Customer Reviews

67% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 3 ratings

Product Description

Gyeon Bug & Grime helps you remove bug smear and road grime fast and easy. We have all had the experience where bugs just keep splattering on your windshield and impair your vision. If you are lucky your windshield wipers and washer fluid can remove most of the bug smear. Best case scenario your glass is relatively clean but what about the rest of your vehicle? If the bugs are hitting your windshield, you can bet they are hitting your bumper and the front of your hood as well. The guts of these bugs are often very acidic and it is important to remove them from the paint and sensitive surfaces asap. The longer you let them sit on the surface, the deeper they can etch into the surface, adding imperfections that need to be polished away. With Gyeon Bug & Grime, you can simply spray the surface, let it dwell and rinse away or agitate with your wash mitt. The application is that easy and the strong formula will help break down and loosen the guts for easy and safe removal. Bug & Grime works great on bugs, but you can also use it to help remove road grime, dirt, tar, and other nasty road contamination. Don't let bug guts stick to your paint, remove them with the Gyeon Bug & Grime!


GYEON Q²M Bug&Grime

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From The Label

Product Description

Removes bugs and grime in an instant!


Spray a moderate amount directly on the surface. Leave to soften the contamination. Rinse with a pressure washer and a large amount of water. Do not use on hot paint or in direct sunlight. Do not dry on paint or trim.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Have not found anything that claims to be a grime remover really works, until now! This stuff is great!
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Great product. It cleans tires really well. I have not tried using it for bug removal.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? No
Bought this to try out some of Gyeon's products. While the product works, it doesn't work as well as it should.

Initial use seemed promising, as it softened some of the harder road splatter, and removed bug carcasses. But, it certainly was not as effortless as the packaging reads- I still had to clay to remove a lot of the crud that had piled up, even after letting it dwell. It smells like a standard degreaser too- so I figure save your money and buy something like Tar-X or use an APC if you're not concerned about your underlying wax or coating.

I'm wondering if this product is mainly designed for cars that are coated. While mine had a layer of Hydr02 on it when I used the product, perhaps it's more suited for something that has a legitimate Si coating on it, like Gyeon Q2 or CarPro's CQuartz. I cannot test this as I have neither on my car at the moment.

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