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Meguiar's Iron Removing Spray Clay - 32 oz

Meguiar's Iron Removing Spray Clay - 32 oz
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Meguiar's Iron Removing Spray Clay
32 oz

Product Information

  • Remarkably quick and effective cleaner for the exterior paint
  • Mist, let dwell, rinse away application
  • Removes iron, brake dust, tar, road grime, etc.
  • Product Code: DRTU200232
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Customer Reviews

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Product Description

The Meguiar's Iron Removing Spray Clay helps dissolve embedded iron deposits and industrial fallout from various surfaces! One quick treatment can remove the vast majority of contaminants on your vehicle's exterior surfaces (i.e. paint, wheels, trim, etc.). This helps ensure you have a clean surface, saving you so much time with a clay bar so you can get better results from your polish, coating, sealant or wax. Avoid direct sun and letting the product dry out during use. To use it, mist it on the paint, wait a few minutes and watch the formula change colors to deep purpose as it dissolves iron deposits, then rinse off or wash off, it is that easy. Upon completion, you will be stunned at how much has been removed with such an easy application process. With that said, there can be times when you have heavy contamination and agitation with your favorite brush or wash mitt will be needed. Thoroughly clean the surface of your vehicle with the Meguiar's Iron Removing Spray Clay!

From The Label

Product Description

  • Removes above and below surface contamination
  • Improves paint smoothness

Meguiar's Iron Removing Spray Clay quickly removes iron-based contaminants and industrial fallout, while also dissolving below surface contaminants such as rail dust and iron oxides. This decontamination helps prepare the surface for faster paint correction and better results.


Apply to a cool, clean surface in the shade.
  1. Wash and dry the vehicle to remove loose contaminants.
  2. Mist the product over the vehicle's paint, allowing the product to dwell for 2-3 minutes. Color changing indicates the dissolving of iron oxide.
  4. Agitate with a microfiber wash mitt, then rinse vehicle thoroughly and dry.
  5. For maximum gloss and protection, follow with a Meguiar's compound, polish and wax.

Professional Tips: For heavy bounded contaminants like paint overspray and tree sap mist, use Meguiar's Professional Detailing Clay (C2000 or C2100) instead of the wash mitt. Spray the product onto a 2' x 2' section of the surface and the clay bay. Gently rub the clay over the section until smooth. DO NOT ALLOW THE PRODUCT TO DRY. Rinse vehicle and clay bar thoroughly with water and dry.

NOTE: May make synthetic clays sticky to the touch. DO NOT allow the synthetic clay surface to touch itself. After use, rinse with water and store with the synthetic clay surface on a clean microfiber towel.

Customer Reviews

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I purchased this from a different retailer. It's just another iron remover in the sea of iron removers. It works, but there are more effective and better value iron removers. Unfortunately, the clay ability is just an afterthought because it can cause issues for synthetic clay and you have to smell iron remover throughout the whole process.

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