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P&S Bead Maker Paint Protectant

Best Seller P&S Bead Maker Paint Protectant - 128 oz
P&S Bead Maker Paint Protectant - 128 oz Alternative View
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Available Sizes

P&S Bead Maker Paint Protectant
16 oz
P&S Bead Maker Paint Protectant
128 oz
P&S Bead Maker Paint Protectant
5 Gal

Product Information

  • Spray on protection for various surfaces
  • Extremely hydrophobic
  • Can be applied to wet or dry paint
  • UV protection
  • Product Codes: C250P, C2501, C2505
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Customer Reviews

95% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 19 ratings

Product Description

The P&S Bead Maker Paint Protectant is an extraordinary product that takes your paint's shine to the next level and adds valuable protection! One fast application protects your paint from dirt, grime and harmful UV rays while leaving behind a slick and glossy finish. With all of the work you put into cleaning and polishing your paint, you always want to make sure you protect the paint to keep it looking its best. Bead Maker uses binding polymer monomer technology to produce a water beading, brilliant, long-lasting finish. According to P&S, the surface migrating molecule attaches to the paint surface of a vehicle and once attached, this molecule cross-links and polymerizes on the surface. This builds a protective layer over the surface that is extremely hydrophobic and durable. You can apply it on a wet or dry surface, and on paint, clear coat, rubber, glass, plastic and more. When applying, simply spray it on and wipe away any excess. The application is really that easy! Once finished, step back and enjoy the glossy surface that is bound to turn heads. Looking to protect your paint with an extremely easy to apply product? Look no further than the P&S Bead Maker Paint Protectant!

Double Black Renny Doyle Collection: This collection consists of various P&S products that are hand-picked by Renny Doyle after extensive testing. Renny believes that these products stand with or above the competition as the best in the industry and he uses them personally and professionally. You will also see Renny and his team using these products at McCall's Motorworks Revival Event and The Quail or maintaining Air Force One planes. P&S and Renny will continue to evolve and improve this collection so that you can use the same products as a world-class detailer.

Professional Detailer Reviews

Bead Maker is an extremely easy to use, multi-month polymer sealant, with striking slickness and gloss. There are many other products out there I like very much that have some of these characteristics and some that last longer but at the end of the day, I find myself reaching for Bead Maker more often than not. Best last step product is a hefty title to defend, but I will plant my flag on the fact that Bead Maker is the best last step product for most people.

- P&S Bead Maker Review: Best Last Step Product Ever? by Matt Carter


P&S Bead Maker Spray Sealant (Product Info)

From The Label

Product Description

  • Spray applied
  • Cured protection
  • Long lasting hydrophobic shine
  • Extremely easy to use

Bead Maker now makes paint protection easier and faster than ever before. Bead Maker's unique formulation allows for quick spray application. This time saving product uses unique polymer protectants to produce a water beading brilliant long lasting finish. Bead Maker may be applied to wet or dry vehicles and is safe on all exterior surfaces.


Wash vehicle prior to product application. Bead Maker works best on new finish or freshly detailed vehicles. If necessary clay the surface of the paint prior to applying Bead Maker. Spray apply Bead Maker to paint surface. Bead Maker may be applied to wet or dry surfaces. Dry surface application will enhance overall product performance. Once applied remove product with a microfiber towel. Flip towel as needed for proper product removal. Repeat process over entire painted surfaces of the vehicle. Allow product to cure for a minimum of eight hours to achieve maximum performance.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Works excellent, I use it after every wash and will keep using it until I can find a better product, which I dough that I will find.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Is this a product that I could use on every one of our customer cars? No, because it takes too long to apply compared to other spray waxes/quick detailers, and despite the very low cost, too much product is required per vehicle. However, I do use this on my personal Audi S4 (that's coated) after every wash/every other wash, and I use it on some customer cars that could use that extra "wow" factor. It really adds slickness and gloss that isn't always immediately apparent, but improves significantly as it cures. Probably what I'm most impressed with is how easily bugs wipe off my front bumper/headlights when this product is applied to my vehicles vs. when it's not applied, which tells me it's actually protecting the paint.

I can't attest to the longevity of this product because my car has never gone more than 3 weeks without being washed and has only been driven in the rain 3 times.

In summary - I'm not sure this is the best product from production detailing standpoint, however it is a product I would highly recommend to customers who are interested in regular, easy DIY exterior maintenance.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Outstanding gloss and slickness, as easy to apply as it gets. Spray on, wipe off. I use it once a month and it only takes about 20 minutes to do my Mazda 3 Hatchback.

This is a 'no brainer', great product!

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