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Poorboy's World Spray & Wipe (S&W) - 32 oz

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Poorboy's World Spray & Wipe (S&W) - 32 oz
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Available Sizes

Poorboy's World Spray & Wipe (S&W)
16 oz
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Poorboy's World Spray & Wipe (S&W)
32 oz
($0.56 / oz)
Poorboy's World Spray & Wipe (S&W)
128 oz
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Product Information

  • Quick and easy waterless wash product for lightly contaminated vehicles, an excellent clay bar lubricant and perfect for quick clean ups
  • Extremely versatile cleaning product that is a favorite amongst professional detailers and enthusiasts
  • Perfect product to keep in your glove compartment to clean up emergency bird bombs, sap, tar, etc.
  • Best applied with a plush microfiber towel to minimize any micro-marring in the paint
  • For maximum efficiency and convenient storage use in a 4oz pump spray bottle
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Customer Reviews

97% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 77 ratings

Product Description

The Poorboy's World Spray and Wipe is a quick detailer that is very versatile. It's designed to separate contaminates and then encapsulate them in its lubricating formula so they can be safely removed from any surface. The Spray and Wipe's ability to encapsulate contaminates so they are not grinded in to the surface and possibly scratch the clear coat is what makes it an excellent product, especially for a waterless wash. If you don't want to wash a freshly detailed vehicle, with light surface contamination, than you can use the Spray and Wipe. Just spray a section of your vehicle and wipe it away with a clean microfiber towel and you'll have a clean surface with a great shine. The Spray and Wipe is an excellent clay lube for many of the same reasons it's a great waterless wash. When you glide a clay bar back and forth you lubricate the surface first with a product like the Poorboy's World Spray and Wipe. The Spray and Wipe reduces friction between the contaminates and the paint so they are not grinded in to the paint and instead are safely absorbed in to the clay bar or microfiber towel. Spray and Wipe is a quick detailer that can also be used to clean the interior, glass, bird droppings, bug smear, lubricate buffing pads and much more. Bird droppings and insect smear can etch into your clear coat in just minutes so keep a bottle of Spray and Wipe in your vehicle to clean up any unexpected messes. Pick up this versatile product and you'll be ready to take care of your vehicles detailing needs.

NOTE - Triggers are not included with the following sizes: 32 oz & 128 oz

From The Label

Product Description

Waterless Wash and Quick Detailer

Use in Sun or Shade for Scratch-Free Cleaning

Great for Clearcoats and all Finishes

Spray and Wipe is the easiest and simplest way to clean any vehicle with No Hose, No Soap and No Mess! Spray and Wipe contains no wax - No artificial shine. Safe for all Clearcoats and all Paints. Great to use on: Clearcoats and Paint, Glass, Chrome, Wheels, Polished Aluminum and all non-porous materials. Use as your car wash or just for quick clean-ups.

Also removes...Dust, Dirt, Water Spots, Road Grime, Fresh Tar, Sap and Bird Droppings.


Spray a small amount onto surface to be cleaned. USe a very soft cloth or preferable a micro-fiber cloth. Wipe very lightly back and forth. No circles...No rubbing...and turn cloth as it gets damp or dirty. Use clean cloths when doing windows. The less you use the easier and better the results.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
In my opinion, this is the best stuff and I've tried them all! I use it on my black Harley and it's wonderful and I'll never stop buying it!!
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
This is a secret weapon in our arsenal. It is good as a waterless wash, gives a decent shine and a little hydrophobic quality (probably just silicone, as it states there is no wax). Also leaves a nice appearance on trim, and can be used on side glass. The best thing about this is that any streaks left behind will wipe away easily with a soft dry towel, most other products will be more stubborn with any streaking that dries. Not recommended on front glass, can cause wiper skipping as the silicone or whatever breaks down, and tends to haze on inside glass when any frost or condensation (fogging) gets defrosted.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Use this on every inch. Will keep buying as long as available. If there comes a time it will be delisted, please let me know and I will buy many bottles so I don't run out.

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