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Sonax Ceramic Spray Coating - 5 L

Sonax Ceramic Spray Coating - 5 L
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Available Sizes

Sonax Ceramic Spray Coating
750 ml
($0.03 / ml)
Sonax Ceramic Spray Coating
5 L
($0.02 / ml)

Product Information

  • Fast and effective exterior protection!
  • Easy spray-on, wipe-off application
  • Can be applied to paint, glass, plastics, metal and more!
  • Product Codes: 02574000, 02575000
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Customer Reviews

100% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 2 ratings

Product Description

The Sonax Ceramic Spray Coating protects various exterior surfaces with an easy-to-use formula! With what Sonax calls "Si-Carbon Technology", your vehicle's paint will be protected from dirt, insects, road grime, and salt much longer than conventional wax. Just spray onto the surface, wipe away with a clean microfiber towel, step back, and enjoy. Ceramic Spray Coating will enhance gloss and provide an extreme hydrophobic effect. You can apply it to any exterior hard surfaces of your vehicle including paint, plastics, chrome, moldings, and wheels. Use on top of an existing coating layer, or as a stand-alone protection layer. Save time and effort while protecting and shining your vehicle's exterior with the Sonax Ceramic Spray Coating!

From The Label

Product Description

SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating protects the treated surface from dirt, insects, road grime, and salt. The Si-Carbon Technology produces an incredibly durable mirror-like shine. Apply to any hard surface of your vehicle including plastics, chrome, moldings, and wheels. Excellent refresher with the increased longevity to existing sealants or coatings.


Wash the vehicle completely; complete drying is recommended but not necessary. Shake bottle before use. Turn nozzle to the spray position. Spray the product onto a clean, dry microfiber towel or directly on the vehicle's surface. Evenly distribute on the dry or slightly wet paint. If the colors appear irregular or the product has dried, repeat the application process.
PLEASE NOTE: Do not use on hot surfaces. Do not allow to dry. Protect against freezing.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
In my opinion this is one of if not the best mid term spray and wipe sealants on the market. The intial hydrophobics are on par f not better than polish angel or kamikaze sprays. The insane intial hydropbics hand around for several weeks before contact angle drops a bit for the next seveal plus weeks. Havent seen any other product produce beads like this for as long. Pair this with the ultra slick detailer and you have 2 amazing products to keep yuou car looking amazing.

Also a great option for professionals looking for a ceramic booster package for ceramic coatings that are getting weak. May bring hydropbics to better than hat the ceramic was doing day one.

As with most if not all sealants yes the product can be streaky if over used, very little goes a long way and if you have a dark colored car that is especially streak prone adding a spray of water to the towel may help.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
It's been a great, easy, spray protection that I routinely use in my detailing business. Great water beading and behavior like BSD but much much smoother feeling! It's lasted real world just over 4+ months here in Florida weather and that was a single coat. A little goes a long way and should get plenty of vehicles from a 750ml bottle.

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