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Stoner Invisible Glass Ceramic Glass Coating - 30 ml Kit

Stoner Invisible Glass Ceramic Glass Coating - 30 ml Kit
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Stoner Invisible Glass Ceramic Glass Coating
30 ml Kit

Product Information

  • Easy to apply and durable glass coating
  • Makes visibility in bad weather clearer and safer
  • Protects for up to 24 months!
  • Product Code: 95151KSTON01
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Customer Reviews

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Product Description

Stoner Invisible Glass Ceramic Glass Coating allows you to protect your glass surfaces with a durable coating layer. Stoner has been know for years now for their Invisible Glass, which is an incredibly popular glass cleaner and has been one of our favorite glass cleaners that we have ever used. It is tried and true, one that you tend to always reach for. What Stoner was missing was a great glass protection product, until now! With the Invisible Glass Ceramic Glass Coating, you will be able to create a covalent bond with your glass, hardening to create a crystal-clear, hydrophobic layer that protects from bird droppings, tree sap, dirt, grime, and harmful UV rays. This will help protect from dirt and grime buildup, keeping your glass cleaner, for much longer. On top of that, water will bead up and roll off your glass surfaces at low speeds, improving visibility and reducing wiper use in storms. This polysilazane-based coating to be easy to apply and provide up to 24 months of protection for your glass. Do not waste any more time, protect your glass and improve bad weather driving safety with the Stoner Invisible Glass Ceramic Glass Coating!


*NEW* Easy to use ceramic coating with pro results!

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From The Label

Product Description

  • Si02 with Polysilazne
  • Doubles Glass Hardness
  • Long Lasting Protection

Invisible Glass Ceramic is the first Professional Grade ceramic you can apply without the expertise and cost of professional application. Invisible Glass Ceramic is perfect for first-timers, weekend washers, or seasoned detailing fanatics because it remains workable for longer, reducing the likelihood of misapplication. Just follow the simple steps in the application guide (included inside) to get Professional Grade results. Everything you need for application is included.

Perfect for first-timers, weekend washers, and detailing fanatics. Invisible Glass Ceramic gives you a professional grade ceramic coating without the professional expertise and cost. It remains workable for longer, reducing the likelihood of misapplication.

Much like varnish, Invisible Glass Ceramic fills the microscopic pores like glass to make it nonporous.This is extremely tough, heat resistant coating has a true quartz base with 9H diamond hardness factor to prevent micro-scratching from heavy cleaning.

Invisible Glass Ceramic contains polysilazane, an all-natural, organic ceramic, which creates a covalent bond that lasts over a year on your glass. This hard ceramic coating acts like a clearcoat for your glass. It prevents dirt, insects, salt and ice from bonding to treated glass, making it easier to clean.

Invisible Glass Ceramic is strong, durable coating that is highly resistant to cleaning chemicals, which can degrade or remove protective coatings. It will not strip off like hybrid ceramic sealants. Invisible Glass Ceramic adds 400-500 nm thick coating that resists abrasion and micro-scratching from scrubbing, heavy cleaning, and wiper blade use. It also resists UV rays, heat and weather, which can fade or peel coatings such as clearcoat, paint, or varnish.

Customer Reviews

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I recently applied this coating according to directions. I'm not impressed by the hydrophobic properties in the rain. This is a disappointment.

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