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The Last Detail The Last Cut Compounding Glaze Reviews

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When you search for a compound or polish, it might be a bit overwhelming with the vast amount of products available today. Each detailer typically has their go-to combination of compounds or polishes that they use day in and day out. With the different materials being used by vehicle manufactures, creating hard or soft clear coats, it's common to find many different products in a detailers cabinet. Whether you are looking to achieve results in a one-step polishing process or a multi-step paint correction, it's usually a task that requires several products. Which leads us to The Last Cut a versatile product that gives the user full control over finishing ability based on pad choice.
Product Review: The Last Cut Compounding Glaze

Customer Reviews

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A compound with no dusting, long work time, compatibilty with microfiber, wool or foam pads... finishes down nicely ...

The Last Cut has been my go to compound lately. Wheter you are dealing with heavy defects or light swirls, you need to add this to your detailing arsenal!
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I'm so glad I found this. I had been using other compound that dusted like crazy. I was just starting out and didn't have someone there with me that I could ask questions. Made the learning process very frustrating. Ordered this and I won't be looking back.
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This has a really nice working time, extremely low dusting, and cleans out well from pads with compressed air. If you are looking for a diminishing abrasive type product then I would definitely recommend this product. For heavy defect/sanding mark removal I would still recommend something like ACA 500 but everything else this works great. It finishes extremely well also.
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Just go ahead and throw away your other compounds. Super versatile product. You can change the cutting/finishing effects just by swapping pads. I typically use this with a orange LC HDO pad for most corrections or wool pads for orange peel/heavier defect removal. Just like the label says no fillers so alls you see if your results!
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
Tried this product out the other day and it lived up to hype cut good and was easy to take off

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