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The Last Detail The Last Cut + Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? Yes
This is my "go to" for cutting. Cuts good and still finishes out nicely. All of The Last Cut compounds and polish products work well.
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
Ive used the TLC on 3 german made vehicles back to back and its a remarkable product. I a big fan of TLC and now have added to my arsenal. The Audi I just completed TLC was paired with a Buff & Shine URO Fiber pads and the results were astounding! Great Job Jace!!!
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TLC+ is an amazing product. It starts off as a compound and finishes like polish so it is great for Stage 1 corrections. However, using a dedicated finishing polish afterwards will enhance the gloss even more if your customer wants a Stage 2 correction. This product does dust so a wipedown is necessary after using it. Will I buy this again? Yes and Yes! I bought one bottle and already bought a 2nd bottle.
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
I bought TLC+ directly from Jace (the owner/creator of TLD Products) but I use Detailed Image FREQUENTLY so I wanted to add my review here!

This compound has really been a knockout for me so far. I do a lot of vehicles, and have a *lot* of different compounds and polishes. I have used a good bit of the original "The Last Cut" but there were definitely many heavy cutting situations where it left me wanting (although it excels in what it was meant for, which is not *always* to bring the heaviest cut) I have had the original TLC lift some very heavy defects, it just depends on the vehicle and combination at hand.

TLC+ absolutely picks up where TLC left off, and so far shows zero signs of a lesser finish (in fact, it seems to finish even better in my experience - if you can believe it). On the particular vehicle I am doing now (C7 Z06, somewhat hard clear) TLC+ on a very aggressive wool cutting pad and a Rupes 15 Mark 3 is cutting out pretty severe defects and leftover 1500 grit (or deeper) DA sanding pigtails - all while finishing down NEARLY perfect, even after a panel wipe. My refinement stage will be extremely quick and easy. The wipe off is very good, unless you do not break the product/abrasives down adequately - and even then, it isn't bad.

Jace is 2 for 2 on his polishes; both of them are beautiful creations that have all the qualities you want, and none of the ones you don't. TLC+ (and TLC) are well worth the price and I am very glad I was able to test this out so quickly after purchasing.

Buy the 32oz!! You won't regret it. Thank you Detailed Image for carrying Jace's products!

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