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Clean Shine Protect
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DI Accessories Precision Bug Scrubber

DI Accessories Precision Bug Scrubber
DI Accessories Precision Bug Scrubber Alternative View DI Accessories Precision Bug Scrubber Alternative View #2
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Product Information

  • Helps you easily remove dirt, grime, bug splatter, and more
  • Easy to hold, lightweight handle design
  • Six sided shape makes cleaning a breeze
  • Rinses clean with ease
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Product Description

The DI Accessories Precision Bug Scrubber will help you remove nasty bug splats with ease! When driving, especially at highway speeds, hitting a few bugs along the way is inevitable. The problem with these bugs is that they splatter all over your paint and the guts of these bugs are very acidic and can be hard to remove. If you let them sit onto the surface they can even etch into your paint, leaving behind ugly imperfections. The DI Accessories Precision Bug Scrubber features a yellow bottom, that is stiff, but porous. This allows it to soak up soap and water, helping you safely remove bug contamination from the surface. You can even use different temperature water to aid in different cleaning levels. For heavy duty cleaning, use cold water and you will notice the applicator soften up. For a more gentle cleaning experience, warm water will cause the applicator to soften up even more. Both are paint safe cleaning methods, but we do recommend using warm to hot water if you have delicate or soft paint.

The DI Accessories Precision applicators feature a unique design that solves some simple, but common issues. Have you ever been working with not just an applicator designed to remove bugs, but an applicator for any detailing step that just was hard to handle? Maybe it was just hard to hold, or worse, it kept slipping out of your hand and onto the ground. This is an all too common occurrence for many detailers, but luckily there is an easy solution. This applicator takes the simple idea of a handle and applies it directly to an applicator pad, no pulling different applicators or pads on and off, the applicator is built right into the handle. The durable gray, yet soft and safe foam handle, is super light, yet sturdy and easy to hold. The six sided shape helps you get into even the smallest areas for a thorough cleaning and really helps enhance results with ease of use. The DI Accessories Precision Applicators also come in two other great options, Dressing (Black) Applicator and the Waxing (Red) Applicator. Each option performs a different task, but features the same great handle and design!

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