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3D Poxy - 32 oz

3D Poxy - 32 oz
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Available Sizes

3D Poxy
8 oz
($2.00 / oz)
3D Poxy
32 oz
($0.87 / oz)

Product Information

  • Increases gloss, depth and protects your paint
  • Montan wax produces outstanding deep wet look
  • Synthetic polymers help protect for a least a month
  • Super easy application and removal
  • Product Codes: 422OZ8, 422OZ32
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Customer Reviews

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Based upon 4 ratings

Product Description

3D Poxy is a hybrid wax and sealant combo, designed to add gloss, depth and protection to your paintwork! Detailers may argue why they like waxes or sealants better because waxes generally add more depth and sealants generally protect longer. With 3D Poxy you do not have to choose one anymore! Poxy is a thick cream that spreads nice and thin with little effort, removal is very easy too. The formula features montan wax, that will produce the ultimate deep, wet look we all love. The polymers in the sealant part of this product will help protect your paint for at least a month. This means you get the best of both of both worlds with your favorite wax and sealant all in one awesome formula! Feel free to apply by hand or with a soft pad and your favorite buffer. 3D Poxy has literally everything you could ask for so grab a bottle today and make your paint pop!


HD Poxy

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Product Description

  • High Gloss
  • Long Lasting Protection
  • Easy to use

3D Poxy is a hybrid fossilized Montan wax designed to bond to the painted surface for a higher level of wax protection and a long lasting durable shine. POXY is the highest heat resistant wax on the market. Its properties will darken the appearance and create depth of gloss for the ultimate wet-look shine. Works exceptionally well on all colors including dark paints. 3D POXY will give a deep, glossy finish while protecting against the natural effects like bird droppings, acid rain, and hard water deposits.


Shake well before use. Apply 6-8 pea sized drops on an applicator and work on a 2' by 2' area. Apply a thin layer of product over the entire painted surface either by hand or a DA Random Orbital Polisher (slow speed). To achieve the highest protection and bonding, allow the product to cure for at least 15 minutes (the longer, the better), before removing excess. Remove POXY with a clean and dry microfiber towel and buff to an extremely high gloss finish. Reapply every 3-4 months depending on the usage, weather and maintenance of the car.

Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? Yes
I applied this 3d Poxy all by hand all over my 2016 Chevrolet Equinox ... I removed it at least a hour later by hand and all I can say the results were phenomenal like no other liquid wax I ever used before ... I give this 8 stars instead of 4
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
This is by far one of the best wax/sealants i have used. EASY application and removal. Can use a DA or hand apply, and the gloss you get from it is astounding. Montan has alot of benefits and this is its base ingredient. High heat resistance and durability and high gloss. Cant go wrong with this!
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Great on dark paints. My favorite sealant

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