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3D Speed - 8 oz

Best Seller 3D Speed - 8 oz
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3D Speed
8 oz
($2.50 / oz)
3D Speed
16 oz
($1.56 / oz)
3D Speed
32 oz
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3D Speed
128 oz
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Product Information

  • Polish and protect in one step!
  • Removes swirls, oxidation, and ultra fine scratches
  • Leaves behind wax like protection
  • Applies and removes with ease
  • Outstanding value!
  • Product Codes: 425OZ8, 425OZ16, 425OZ32, 425G01
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Customer Reviews

100% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 23 ratings

Product Description

3D Speed allows you to remove imperfections and protect your paint in one easy to use formula! This unique product from 3D was originally called HD Speed but is known as Speed now. While the name changed the incredible results that have made this product so popular have not. 3D Speed is well known in the detailing community for helping professionals and enthusiasts get impressive results very quickly. Just add a few dime-sized drops of product to your polishing pad and work it in or apply by hand with medium arm pressure. The high-quality formula will help you remove light to moderate imperfections (scratches and swirl marks) while increasing clarity and leaving a layer of wax-like protection behind. The application is so easy and it removes almost just as easy, without any dusting. Imperfections are no match for this polish and the wax looks amazing while preserving your paint. The product is also a great value because you get such outstanding results and one bottle lasts so long. The name Speed says it all because it speeds up your detailing process while tackling multiple detailing steps at once. We highly recommend you pick up a bottle today and experience these results for yourself.


Speed - All In One: Correction and Wax Protection

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HD Speed Light Purple All-in-one Spider Speed Pad & Polisher

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From The Label

Product Description

  • True 1 Step Correction Glaze
  • Polish & Protect
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Perfect for RVs & Boats

3D Speed is the go to, "ONE STEP", corrective polish and protecting wax. 3D SPEED will correct most light to moderate paint scratches with a DA or high-speed rotary polisher and your choice of 3D foam micro cutting pad. 3D SPEED combines Nano compounding, super micro cutting technology to correct most paint finishes. It's durable Montan wax will darken the appearance and create depth for the ultimate wet-look finish. 3D SPEED works best in the shade but is sun friendly.


3D SPEED is designed to remove scratches and swirl marks while adding high heat resistant Montan wax protection. SPEED can be applied by hand, but a DA or rotary buffer will remove scratches more effectively. Shake well before use. Apply 4 to 5 dime size drops of SPEED on your choice of 3D foam pad and set polisher at 1200 - 1500 rpm. Work a 2' x 2' area at a time, with a slow to medium back and forth motion, using light to medium pressure. The slower you move the DA or Rotary the more correction will be achieved. Wipe off SPEED with a clean microfiber towel to view your progress. Repeat if needed.

Customer Reviews

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I can completely polish a black car in the baking Florida heat and wipe 3D Speed off after an hour and it will still come off easier and quicker than any polish i know of. Perfect 1 step polish. must have for mobile detailers
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
This is my third time purchasing 3D Speed. It has become my go to all-in-one polish for quick once overs. It gives you nice working time, you can easily vary the pad to get more or less cut, and the residue wipes off so easily. 3D Speed leave the surface slick and beads up water for several months.
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
This stuff is incredible! Detailing my own cars for many years. Always used a meg polish and separate wax. Never thought I would use an aio. But heard many good reviews so thought I would give it a shot. Very happy I did. It brought out a deep wet shine and super easy wipe off. Still used m205 first but this brought my jet black z to another level. topped it off with collinte 845 and my car never looked better. Great service and price's from di.

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