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CarPro Cquartz BlackOut Tyre and Rubber Coating - 100 ml

CarPro Cquartz BlackOut Tyre and Rubber Coating - 100 ml
CarPro Cquartz BlackOut Tyre and Rubber Coating - 100 ml Alternative View
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Available Sizes

CarPro Cquartz BlackOut Tyre and Rubber Coating
50 ml
($1.00 / ml)
CarPro Cquartz BlackOut Tyre and Rubber Coating
100 ml
($0.70 / ml)

Product Information

  • Easily protect various rubber surfaces
  • Preserves black satin appearance
  • No VOC and UV resistance
  • Product Codes: BOT5, BOT10
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Customer Reviews

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Based upon 2 ratings

Product Description

CarPro Cquartz BlackOut Tyre and Rubber Coating forms a durable layer of protection over various rubber surfaces that also looks outstanding! CarPro states that this formula utilizes polysiloxane technology merged with a water-based acrylic resin, which not only produces a durable layer of protection, but also a stunning natural satin-like appearance on tires, rubber surfaces, and unpainted resin materials. To apply, just add some BlackOut onto an applicator and wipe across the desired surface. Let the coating dry for 1 hour and apply a second layer if needed. The application really is that easy! Once applied, you will be left with a durable layer of protection that CarPro says can last over six months. It does not leave behind any stickiness or cause browning that can come from traditional silicone-based dressings. The formula will inhibit the deterioration of rubber and protects from UV rays, allowing your desired areas to stay looking their best for much longer. If you want beautiful tires and trim for a long period of time we recommend you pick up the CarPro Cquartz BlackOut Tyre and Rubber Coating today!

How To Use:

Wash tires thoroughly beforehand and dry very well!
  • Shake well. Pour a line of BlackOut on the tire applicator sponge.
  • Work in the coat over the tire walls surface.
  • Let the coating dry for 1h at 25 degrees C or 2h at 15 degrees C. We advise to use a fan or air movement to speed up curing time (particularly in cooler application temperatures)
  • To apply a second layer, repeat the steps above.

Touch-dry time: 4 hours
Full drying time: 12 hours.
Avoid soaps and chemicals during the first 3 days.
Recommended Application temperature: 15- 30 degrees C (59-86 degrees F).
Expected Durability: 6 months +/-

From The Label

Product Description

  • Self-cleaning
  • Hydrophobic
  • Anti UV
  • Resistant to chemicals and salts
  • Resistant to abrasion brushing
  • Preserves satin black shine
  • VOC-free

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? No
Usually CarPro hits home runs. This product is a strike out to me. Despite used on new and properly prepared tires, the life of the "coating" is virtually nonexistent. The little bit of product that made it on to my wheels however is still there, unable to be removed 8 months later.

Just use a product like Perl that you need to apply at every wash.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? No
Be careful applying this, otherwise you may end up purchasing new tires...

When applying this coating, be aware of any possible condensation that may form on the tires overnight. I did not consider this when applying, so even though I prepped all four tires with CarPro MultiX as the instructions indicate, I woke up to half of my tires being a white/cement gray color. As I later realized, this was due to condensation forming on the tires overnight on that half of the tire. As the coating cured, it became harder and harder to remove. Scrubbing the tires proved to be ineffective to remove the color - by design as the coating is abrasion resistant. The only way that I found was effective at removing 80% of the color, was to apply more of this coating on top. It ended up taking the remaining half of the bottle to fix all four tires. Therefore, I ended up spending almost $70 to coat all four of my low profile tires because of this extremely easy to make oversight.

As for the finish of the tires where it hadn't changed color due to condensation - it was a nice looking satin shine. It was a little less glossy than I personally would have liked, but it looked pretty close to a "clean, brand new tire" look which I was content with.

Things went downhill fairly quickly after application though. My car is outside 24/7 and it only took a week before the tires started to brown - just underneath the coating. I also noticed that anywhere that the coating was applied where the sidewall rolled a bit during cornering caused the coating to get brownish abrasion marks that would not wipe off or scratch off.

Fast forward to about 4 weeks later when I washed the car (longer than a normal wash due to tropical storms and hurricanes), and I was very surprised to find that the coating effectively washed off with the first cleaning of the tires using Tuf Shine Tire Cleaner diluted 1:2 (water) and a very light scrub with a Gyeon Tire Brush. Luckily, the browning came off, but so did about 50% of the coating, as evidenced by the differences in hydrophobicity on various portions of the sidewall.

Long story short, I won't be purchasing another bottle of this and will stick with CarPro Perl seeing as it gets the same lifespan and has a lot fewer headaches involved. I might consider a V2 version of this, but would wait and see how others find it before jumping on it.

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