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CarPro Velvet Orange Peel Removal Pad - 5.25"

CarPro Velvet Orange Peel Removal Pad - 5.25"
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CarPro Velvet Orange Peel Removal Pad

Product Information

  • Remove orange peel without sanding!
  • The equivalent of 3000 grit sandpaper
  • 3/16" foam interlayer
  • Designed for baked-on factory finishes
  • Product Code: 5591
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Product Description

The CarPro Velvet Orange Peel Removal Pad helps you remove orange peel from your paint, smoothing out the surface and increasing gloss!

Orange Peel is the term commonly used to describe a slightly bumpy painted surface that resembles the texture of an orange's exterior skin. This generally comes from the painting process of the vehicle. As the paint is atomized and sprayed across the vehicle, it has the chance to not lay flat, causing the orange peel to stand out. Some paint jobs are better than others, however, the smoother and flatter the paint lays onto the surface, the higher the clarity you will see. For the finishes that contain orange peel, the CarPro Denim and CarPro Velvet pads are designed to help you remove it, without wet sanding.

The CarPro Velvet Orange Peel Removal Pad helps reduce ugly orange peel and deep defects, while simultaneously polishing paint. While the stronger Denim pads are equivalent to 2000 grit sandpaper, these Velvet pads are equivalent to 3000 grit sandpaper. That is strong enough to get the job done, but yet still very gentle on delicate finishes. After polishing, you will be left without the dulling of paint and sanding haze if you used sandpaper and wet sanded. This provides you with a better-looking finish at a much faster rate. These pads do not feature any holes and have a foam interlayer for effective orange peel removal and increased durability.

If you are looking to rid your paint of ugly orange peel, pick up the CarPro Velvet Orange Peel Removal Pad!

Note: CarPro Velvet Orange Peel Removal Pads are ideal for factory baked-on finishes. If you are working on aftermarket re-paints, Denim Orange Peel Removal Pads are more aggressive may be a better choice.

  1. Work a 2' x 2' section or larger to keep heat down as needed, but remember the larger the area the more time it will take to level orange peel and defects
  2. Begin working polish on low speed for a pass
  3. Step up speed to approximately 1100 rpm (adjust as needed)
  4. With proper lighting observe the level of orange peel removal while you work, noting precise surface contact without pressure to level ridges
  5. After completing each section wipe off paint with soft microfiber towel
  6. Brush pad in direction of fibers to remove residue
  7. Apply a couple more drops of polish for next section
  8. Switch out pads as needed when cut has been compromised and set aside to clean by hand

  • Note that these pads are the equivalent of 3000 grit sandpaper
  • Please only use these pads if you are sure the orange peel is in the upper (clear coat) and not the color coat layer
  • Be careful near edges and body lines or avoid completely if you are not entirely secure in your knowledge of heavy defect removal
  • Do not use without sufficient skill level knowledge of clear coat thickness in conjunction with a paint thickness gauge
  • PLEASE NOTE: These pads are deceptive in their affressiveness. Use NO PRESSURE and observe the paint temperature often.
  • Do not use without a paint gauge unless you have taken responsibility for moving forward without one.

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