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DI Brushes Horse's Hair Upholstery Brush

DI Brushes Horse's Hair Upholstery Brush
DI Brushes Horse's Hair Upholstery Brush Alternative View
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Product Information

  • Soft and safe horse hair fibers make this a great tool for cleaning
  • Very durable materials and design, makes a great investment
  • Easy to use and highly effective cleaning tool
  • Helps thoroughly clean mats, carpets, seats (leather and fabric), convertible tops, trim, etc.
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Customer Reviews

94% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 16 ratings

Product Description

The DI Brushes Horse's Hair Upholstery Brush is a soft and safe choice to use while detailing your vehicle's interior and more. Use it to safely clean the carpets, mats, fabric seats, leather seats, steering wheel, trim, etc. The fibers are gentle and soft so you know it's won't scratch any surface or pull at the fibers in the upholstery. This brush gives you the confidence to clean any surface knowing it will not be too firm or potentially cause any issues. Fabric convertible tops are another great place to use this brush, because you don't want to pull out any of these fibers. The horse's hair fibers are much safer than nylon bristles which may be too strong for some convertible tops. It measures 6" x 2.5" and the fibers are over 1" long fitting comfortably in your hand while easy to use. The brushes durability is excellent so it's a great investment that you'll be using for years and years. Clean your vehicle with confidence knowing you have a safe and easy to use brush with the DI Brushes Horse's Hair Upholstery Brush.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent brush for carpeting, upholstery and convertible tops. It is firm enough to provide amble scrubbing when needed, but soft where no damage will result. The brush itself has a nice grip and is also larger enough where you won't feel like you are scrubbing forever and a day. Overall a must have for any exterior detailing kit.
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This is an excellent carpet/upholstery brush because it's soft and strong enough to clean your carpet and upholstery. Most upholstery brushes are just way too stiff. They're so stiff they could literally scratch your upholstery and who wants that. As for your carpets, this is excellent, however, if your carpets are really dirty then you may want to use something stiffer. I would definitely use a stiffer brush for really filthy carpet mats though. I love this brush and would give it a 10. I wouldn't use any other brush on my upholstery in my car.
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
After reading reviews of several different brushes on this site and elsewhere, I chose this brush to do the whole Raggtopp clean-and-treat regimen on the fabric top of my Mini Cooper 'vert. I was very pleased with how this brush performed. I don't know quite how it is gentle yet firm at the same time, but it dug out dirt from the top without ever feeling too stiff or leaving a mark, and I don't think I lost a single bristle. It cleaned up so well that I'm using it on my light-colored cloth seats next. Great product.

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