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DIY Detail Fine Grade Clay Towel

Best Seller DIY Detail Fine Grade Clay Towel
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Product Information

  • Easily remove embedded contamination from the surface
  • Use on painted and glass surfaces
  • Measures 12" x 12"
  • Product Code: DIY-FGCT
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Customer Reviews

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Based upon 3 ratings

Product Description

The DIY Detail Fine Grade Clay Towel allows you to remove embedded contamination safely and easily! Before polishing or protecting your paint, it is imperative that you remove any embedded contamination from the paint. This is generally done with a clay bar, however, it can also be done with a clay bar alternative item like the Fine Grade Clay Towel. This towel is a mix of a diamond weave microfiber towel and a perforated polymerized rubber pad. Just simply spray your favorite clay lube onto the surface and glide across the area. With light pressure, slide the towel back and forth so it can separate and remove contaminants from the exterior of your vehicle. After use, your car will feel smooth and free of contaminants once you are done. This will set you up for better results with any polish, glaze, sealant, wax, or coating application! Use this towel on your paint and glass to remove paint overspray, brake dust, tar, and other embedded contamination from the surface. Skip the clay bar and use the DIY Detail Fine Grade Clay Towel!

Note: With all clay alternatives, breaking them in might be necessary, especially on sensitive paint types. To break in your pad, towel or mitt, spray your clay lube onto the clay media and on a portion of glass. Rub your pad, towel or mitt in a circular motion against the glass for 30-60 seconds. Wipe your clay media clean and you are set to start using it on your painted surfaces!


Detailing 101 Clay Towel, Perforated Synthetic Decontamination Towel

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From The Label

Product Description

Gently removes surface contamination.

Use prior to polishing.

Perfect for decontamination of ceramic coatings.

The ultra fine perforated synthetic surface has no abrasives.

Leaves your paint smooth, glossy and contamination free.

The DIY Detail Perforated Synthetic Decontamination Towel is the evolution of the Clay Towel. Unlike clay bars mitts and towels, the ultra fine Synthetic surface resin contains no abrasives to marr or damage the surface.

The PSD towel can be used on the most sensitive of paints with proper lubrication without need for polishing after.

The DIY Detail Perforated Synthetic Decontamination Towel will not damage waxes, sealants or coatings.


Clean vehicle to remove loose dirt and traffic film.
Use one of the following options for proper lubrication.
DIY Detail Rinseless Wash or DIY Detail Incredible Suds combined with DIY Detail Iron Remover prior to polishing.
To do a maintenance decontamination use DIY Detail Rinseless Wash or DIY Detail Incredible Suds with DIY Detail Ceramic Gloss or DIY Detail Quick Beads as lubrication.
Soak PSD Towel in your wash bucket, use on spray of lubrication on the towel, and one on the panel. Agitate surface with towel and no pressure until you no longer feel or hear contamination.
Before using the DIY Detail PSD towel on paint for the first time "break it in" on glass using proper lubrication and pressure.
Keep your towel clean by using DIY Detail Incredible Suds or DIY Detail Rinseless Wash, agitate the surface with a microfibre towel, and rinse.
Between uses store flat in a cool dry place with the decontamination face up. Once dried it can be rolled an returned to box.

Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? Yes
A little gentler than I would like.
Used it with plenty of clay lube.
No scratches, cleaned pretty good!
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
I used this with Gyeon Iron to decontaminate my paint. I made a gallon of DIY Detail Rinseless Wash (1 gallon of water and a single 1/2 ounce cap full of product). I dunked the towel, folded it into quarters and sprayed a little iron remover on the paint and one shot on this clay towel and rubbed the paint until it was buttery smooth. Then I flipped the sides and kept dunking in the rinseless solution as I went around the vehicle until all done. I could literally hear the contamination being removed from the bad areas like the hood. So fast, easy and economical since it will last so much longer.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
To me it feels a little gentler than the rag company one. Great clay towel!

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