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Geist 3 Minus Care Kit

Geist 3 Minus Care Kit
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Product Information

Product Description

The Geist 3 Minus Care Kit has everything you need to clean and protect leather surfaces under three years. New leather has an optimum balance of moisture and oil. Protecting the topcoat is the priority and during this time, applying a leather conditioner shows little or no benefit. This kit contains everything needed to clean and protect leather, vinyl, artificial leather, vegan leather, fake/faux leather or pleather. Everything will work on all leather colors, but it is not suitable for absorbent leather like aniline, suede or nubuck. Pick up everything you need for new leather surfaces with the Geist 3 Minus Care Kit!

If you are looking to clean, condition and protect leather surfaces over three years old, the 3 Plus Care Kit is a better choice.

Kit Includes:

From The Label

Product Description

Pigmented (non porous) leather commonly found in cars, furniture and other leather items has a colored protective finish. Modern leather finishes are high-tech - they are elastic, wear resistant and, very importantly, air and water vapour permeable.

Most high quality vinyl or PU leather imitations are also coated with protective finishes. These finishes are protected with a clear coating call a 'topcoat' which carries waxes and additives that give the surface a soft touch, prevent scratches, wear, creaking, and squeaking. The elastic finish must be protected for the surface to retain its new look, sot touch and stay squeak free.

Why 3 Minus? New Leather has an optimum balance of moisture and oil. Protecting the topcoat is therefore the priority. During this time, applying a leather conditioner shows little or no benefit.

After about 3 years the moisture level in leather has dropped, shrinkage and elasticity loss (micro-cracking) can often be observed. A penetrating conditioner such as Geist Leather Conditioner can prevent such degradation.

For the first 3 years use Geist Dye & Friction Blocker to protect against dye transfer and friction damage after cleaning.

After 3 years: use Geist Leather Conditioner immediately after cleaning + Geist Dye & Friction Blocker one day or more after conditioning.


Step 1: For regular cleaning, spray the product onto a cloth and wipe the surface, or spray Rapid Cleaner on to a sponge to create foam, and work on the surface from seam to seam allowing it to life the soiling from the pores for about 2-3 minutes. Wipe off with a lint free cloth. If needed, leave on difficult stains for longer.

For deeper cleaning, scrub gently with the brush included and wipe off using a lint free cloth or microfiber towel away from sunlight and heat.

Extreme stains on vinyl and on color-fast leather can be treated with the cleaner and left for longer periods, several hours if needed, before working gently with the cleaning brush.

Always test in a hidden area for color loss before cleaning. Poorly or old recolored leather/vinyl paints can rub off when wet cleaned.

Step 2: Spray Dye & Friction Blocker directly and evenly onto clean leather or synthetic surface. Ensure even application using a soft cloth and allow to dry. For maximum protection, apply after every cleaning treatment or once every 3 months.

Shake before each use. Test on an unseen area before use. Do not use on nubuck, suede. or absorbent leather. Store the bottle away from heat and sun above 5 degrees Celsius and below 35 degrees Celsius.

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