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Glass Science Rain Clear

Glass Science Rain Clear - 8 oz
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Available Sizes

Glass Science Rain Clear
8 oz

Product Information

  • Put your safety first and put the Rain Clear Rain Repellent on your glass today!
  • Sheets snow, sleet, rain and water off of your glass with ease
  • Help maximize your visibility when driving in bad weather conditions
  • Streak free formula applies with ease, 100% active ingredients
  • Watch moisture roll off with ease!
  • Liquid formula
  • Product Code: 30035
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Customer Reviews

79% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 14 ratings

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Product Description

Although glass appears very smooth and flat it has micropores that collect contaminates like salt, sap, acid rain, hard water stains, lime scale, bug smear, oils, pollution, exhaust fumes, soil and more. These contaminates are ground into the glass endlessly by windshield wipers that can exert hundreds of pounds pressure per square inch. When it rains or snows moisture clings to micropores and the contaminants in them, so the wipers create a smearing effect when they are used. Restore your glass to better than new condition by first cleaning the glass and then protecting it with the Rain Clear Rain Repellent. Deep clean the class first with the Glass Science Glass Scrub which removes watermarks, sap and so much more so you start with a fresh surface. Next, apply a small nickel sized drop of the Rain Clear to a soft cloth or foam applicator and buff it on each half of the front windshield nice and thin. When you are done check your work and remove any excess product or haze with a clean microfiber towel. Upon completion, you will be amazed at the protection you just provided your glass. The liquid-based formula goes on streak free and has 100% active ingredients that will keep it protecting your windshield for longer. The Rain Clear Rain Repellent forces any form of moisture into tiny beads that can easily be swept away or roll off the glass. On rainy or snowy days you will be happy to have this valuable protection that increases your ability to view the road, which gives you more time to react to driving conditions. So stop struggling to see during difficult weather and increase your driving safety with the Glass Science Rain Clear!


Glass Science Rain Clear Demonstration

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From The Label

Product Description

Rain Clear makes rain, sleet and snow "bead" into small droplets, which are removed by aerodynamic wind flow for improved visibility, safety & driving comfort. Rain Clear also reduces the adhesion and buildup of frost, snow, ice, salt, mud, bugs and grime for easy removal.


Note: Use only on the exterior of automotive windshields, side & rear windows, mirrors and lights. Do not use on transparent plastics unless pre-tested and approved for compatibility. Do not spill or splatter on painted surfaces. If exposed to paint, rinse with water immediately.

DIRECTIONS: Wash before initial use and dry surfaces. (We recommend Glass Renew).
  1. Apply a small amount of Rain Clear to a folded cloth or soft paper towel.
  2. Using a circular motion, polish Rain Clear into the surface until smooth and a slight haze forms. Repeat the application to ensure complete coverage.
  3. Remove final haze by polishing with a soft cloth or by spraying the surface with water and wiping until crystal clear.
  4. For optimum visibility, reapply as needed and use wipers as necessary.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Good product but not much better than Rain-X. I would like for the product to be in a spray bottle it helps with the application.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Easy to apply. Nice clearity. Just applied it don"t know how long it will last I wonder if, its the same as RainX.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Works as advertised.

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