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Griot's Garage Ceramic Wash & Coat - 48 oz

Griot's Garage Ceramic Wash & Coat - 48 oz
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Griot's Garage Ceramic Wash & Coat
48 oz

Product Information

  • Wash and protect with one formula!
  • Sio2 protect leaves behind durable protection
  • Safe on paint, exterior trim, wheels, and glass
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Customer Reviews

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Product Description

Griot's Garage Ceramic Wash & Coat allows you to not only clean your exterior surfaces, but leave behind a durable layer of protection at the same time! Thoroughly cleaning and protecting your paint is the key to keeping it looking its best, for as long as possible. Each of these steps does take a good amount of time, so Griot's combined them for you! The versatile formula can be used by hand or via a foam lance and is low foaming, but lubricant rich. This shampoo will encapsulate dirt and grime to safely pull it from the paint and the lubrication will allow it to be removed while greatly reducing and wash induced imperfections. Just rinse away and you will not only be left with a clean surface, but one that is protected using durable Sio2. Ceramic Wash & Coat is safe on paint, trim, wheels, and glass, while the Sio2 protection makes it the perfect product to maintain existing coating layers. Wash and protect with the Griot's Garage Ceramic Wash & Coat!

From The Label

Product Description

Enhance surface slickness, intense gloss, and water beading between washes

Ceramic Wash and Coat is formulated to safely rid the surface of abrasives and road grime, preventing wash induced scratches while imparting an effortlessly durable candy-like gloss coat of SiO2 infused ultra-hydrophobic silane polymers. Its ultra-slick formula offers versatile application, adaptable to your preferred method including the traditional contact bucket wash or in a foaming tool such as a Griot's Garage Foaming Sprayer or Foam Cannon. The concentrated, pH balanced, low-sudsing formula can be used to maintain existing wax, sealed, or ceramic coated finishes or as your sole source of protection. Ceramic Wash and Coat is safe on all exterior materials and will impart ceramic protection on paint, exterior trim, wheels, and glass.


SHAKE WELL. Apply to a cool surface in the shade. Prior to washing, prepare wash tools for process. High-pressure rinse vehicle from the top down to rid surface of loose contaminants. Optional methods include: FOAM CANNON or FOAMING SPRAYER: Precisely dilute 4 ounces of Ceramic Wash and Coat into Foam Cannon reservoir and fill to top line with water (8:1 dilution). For Foaming Sprayer dilute 6oz into reservoir and fill to top with water (6:1 dilution). Shake to mix. Apply Ceramic Wash and Coat from the bottom-up to half of the vehicle at a time, including wheels, glass, and trim. Immediately agitate surface with clean microfiber wash tool and rinse from top to bottom. BUCKET WASH: Dilute 2 ounces of Ceramic Wash and Coat per gallon of water (64:1 dilution). High-pressure rinse vehicle to remove loose contaminants. Wash vehicle one panel at a time from the top down using a microfiber wash accessory. Following wash, dry using a PFM Terry Weave Drying Towel.

Note: Do not use more product than instructed as residue may occur. Should streaking occur, wipe vehicle down post wash with Ceramic Speed Shine to ensure a uniform, ultra-hydrophobic and glossy finish.

Tip of the Trade: For optimal performance, pre-wash using Brilliant Finish Car Wash via a Griot's Garage Foam Cannon. For maximum durability, Ceramic 3-in-1 Wax or Ceramic Speed Shine can be misted on surface prior to rinsing for increased SiO2 hydrophobic protection and improved drying. Simply spray on surface as you immediately rinse for additional beading and candy-like gloss.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent product from my daily to my garage kept cars this is A really surprised
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I went to Auto Zone to buy another brand of ceramic wash after trying some at a friends house. They didnt have any so I bought this Griots Ceramic wash instead having used and liked Griots before. I am NOT happy with this wash. I followed the directions... For one, the bottle says LOW suds...there are NO suds at all. (I think due to the alcohol) 2. if you dont immediately rinse it off the moment after you put it on, you will get streaks. Bad streaks! 3. Despite following the directions and mixing it to the proper ratio, there is a film all over my truck! 4. I was expecting the water to at least bead a little. NOPE! This wash is going right back to the store for a refund!

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