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Gyeon CanCoat Evo Reviews

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Gyeon CanCoat is one of the most versatile coatings on the market. With a single product able to coat paint, trim, lights, metal, wheels, even windows, you might ask yourself, "is there anything it Can'tCoat?" Get it? Because, Can't ... you get it.
Gyeon CanCoat Evo Review

Customer Reviews

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CanCoat is an easy to use product that provides some excellent hydrophobic qualities to the paint. I can't speak to its longevity yet, but it was extremely easy to apply without any issues. You spray two pumps on the included microfiber applicator/towel and wipe on the paint surface. I used very little for an entire car and had zero high spots.

This is a great quick to use, easy to apply product that seems to offer some nice protection and added gloss. Will definitely continue to use where full ceramic coating is not desired/unavailable.
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
I have used this before on my car collection as a maintenance and for windows, super easy to apply.
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
This may be my favorite detailing product right now. I really like the idea of a 1 year or so ceramic coat, i feel no matter what you do on a daily driver its going to need a yearly light polishing(which likely removes the coating).

The application is so easy the only way to express it would to say you basically need to feel like your doing it wrong. You shoudlnt feel like your using a ceramic coat, its more like a quick detailer. Several sprays per panel and work quick and trust the process, itll work. You shouldnt see the typical ceramic residue, itll flash so fast you wont see it after a few wipes.

The hydrophobics are INSANE, gloss levels, chemical protection are off the charts and ease of use its absurd(when done right).

The price point is also major bargan. Basically $10 dollars or so per vehicle, this 1 bottle should be more like $150+.
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I also bought GCCE based on several youtuber reviews. I first tried it on as a standalone on my sons 2000 Mustang doing the normal strip wash and 1 step correction on it. I was really impressed with the results. It really provides coating like results, shine, hydrophobics etc. I then decided to use at as a topper for a few cars I ceramic coated and that turned out great. Easy to use just be quick, and work in small portions. So far I've done 3 cars with it and have a little left. For the price and what you get this is an outstanding product.
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I bought Gyeon CanCoat Evo based on Todd Cooperider's review on his Esoteric YouTube channel. I used it as a topper for two vehicles that I ceramic coated last year to boost the hydrophobic properties. I was so impressed with how it performed that I used it as a topper on my 2006 Mustang GT prior to going to a car show.. I took home an award for being one of the best in class for the 2005-20009 model years. I will be applying it to the "spousal transportation unit" (the wife's 2014 Ford Edge) and my 2019 Ford Ranger 4x4 Crew Cab.
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
I use this product to protect the hull of my 25yo fiberglass boat. After using a heavy cut polish with a wool pad, light polish with a blue pad, and gyeon prep, I used a CarPro Cquartz Applicator and an 8x8 microfiber suede applicator cloth. To apply the CanCoat Went on easy, flashed nicely and buffed out well. I'm not a professional by any stretch of the imagination but I did do my research on products before choosing this and starting.
I chose this because it offered a good value to protection ratio and appear to be easy to use.

I did a test spot spraying the coating directly from the bottle on a hidden spot, I left it for several hours to cure / dry. Even with this mistreatment it only took a quick wipe of wet product for me to remove the application marks.

I have not tried this on paint or other surfaces yet but plan to.

I can't comment on the longevity or hydrophobic properties of this yet. I will update my review in 6 months.

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