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IGL Coatings Ecoclean Blizzard

IGL Coatings Ecoclean Blizzard - 500 ml
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Available Sizes

IGL Coatings Ecoclean Blizzard
500 ml

Product Information

  • Concentrated car wash shampoo
  • High-quality rich cleaning foam
  • Safe for use on ceramic coatings
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Customer Reviews

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Based upon 1 ratings

Product Description

The IGL Ecoclean Blizzard is a high foaming shampoo designed to help you remove dirt and grime safely and easily! You can use this shampoo in your two-bucket wash, however, where it really shines is in a foam cannon or foam lance as this wash method allows for increased foam output. The intense foam clings to the surface, gently loosening dirt and road grime to allow for safe decontamination. The increased lubrication helps greatly reduce wash induced imperfections and swirls as contamination will glide off the paint with ease. Using sustainable raw ingredients, the concentrated formula allows for a lesser usage and a higher coverage, saving time and costs. The IGL Ecoclean Blizzard is a well-balanced shampoo that has everything you need for a high quality car wash, so pick up a bottle today!

Dilution - 1:150 (water)
Carrier - Waterbased
pH - 9
VOC - 0gm/l

From The Label

Product Description

Ecoclean Blizzard is an ultra luxurious rich foaming formula and is specifically designed and safe to be used on coatings. Prioritising sustainably sourced raw materials, its concentrated formula allows the use of less product for a wider coverage. Blizzard's rich, thick, luxurious and long lasting foam adheres to dirt effectively and dissolves impurities by pulling it away with ease.

Benefits of Ecoclean Blizzard:
  • high quality thick luxurious foam
  • works well on ceramic coated surfaces
  • gentle formula
  • lifts dirt and impurities
  • sustainable formula
  • clings onto surface longer
  • high dilution of 1:150 (Ecoclean Blizzard : water)

Area of Application:
  • All exterior surfaces


How To Use:
  • Pour Ecoclean Blizzard into foam cannon - 1:150 (Ecoclean Blizzard : water)
  • Spray on
  • Rinse off with water
  • Do not let foam dry on the surface

Customer Reviews

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IGL Coatings Blizzard is by far my favorite foam to use when it comes to maintenance cleanings on coated, sealed, and waxed vehicles. The foam it produces is by far the thickest I've seen and worked with when paired with my MTM PF 22 Foam cannon. It can be used in a bucket wash, however in my use, I find it to be more effective in a foam cannon. I love using CarPro Reset as well as GSF, but Blizzard is on its own level when it comes to the thickness of foam it provides.
Extremely pleasant smell, long dwell time when sprayed on the vehicle and great cleaning abilities. 10/10 product and a staple in my small business!

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