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Jescar Micro Finishing Polish Reviews

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Simply put and as cliche, as it sounds, it does what it says and it does it very well. While I didn't specifically use it to remove 3000 grits sanding marks, I used it on multiple paints and in multiple ways... it performed well each and every time.
Product Review: Jescar Micro Finishing Polish

Customer Reviews

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I have used this product on 4 vehicles including a motorcycle and got consistently good results. Easy to work with, excellent finish. One of the vehicles was a relatives 2011 silver Mazda 3 which needed help. I followed Jescar correcting compound applied with a G9 and Buff n Shine maroon pads with this product and Jescar blue finishing pads. Really brought back the dull paint.

I have used Jescar Power Lock for years and their polishes seem to be excellent too and a good value.
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My first go round with this polish was on a 2018 McLaren 720s. I was able to remove all the horrible defects with Jescar Medium Polish and Buff and Shine Uro-Fiber pads. That combo actually finished out beautifully on the super dark blue metalflake finish. But, we wanted the deepest wettest gloss possible.

I tried a couple other dedicated fine and ultrafine polishes, and Jescar Micro Polish beat them all. I tried Sonax Perfect Finish, Sonax NP 03-06, Rupes Uno Pure, 3D AAT502, and to our eyes, Jescar Micro Polish delivered the most beautiful finish.

I would love to reduce my inventory to a core line up, and more and more it's looking like a show down between Menzerna and Jescar - heavy, medium, and fine. This is because both lines are effective at cutting and finishing on a very wide spectrum of paints on a consistent basis. The last thing I want to encounter is having to jump through hoops to get a finishing polish to finish out. With both the Menzerna and Jescar medium and fine polishes, that is the least of my concern.
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I haven't tried scores of finishing polishes but I can't imagine another one being as effective and easy to use. I have a dark blue 2005 BMW which, after compounding with Jescar Correcting compound with a blue lake country HDO pad (nothing else seemed to work), was left with micro marring that could only be seen in direct sun or with my inspection light. I was assured by someone very reputable in the industry that Sonax Perfect Finish and a white Rupes pad would knock out straight away. So I tried it. And tried it some more with a different pad. And with a different polisher....with different pads. Simply could NOT get rid of the marring. I think i was honestly just recreating it.

I finally just decided I had try something else. Enter Jescar MFP. wow. that's all I can say. After discovering Jescar's correcting compound (from same reputable source) and finding it to be about the most pleasant and effective polishing product I have ever used, I figured Jescar must KNOW something. And boy do they. 2-3 passes with my Swirl Killer knocked out every last one of the compounding defects. I used it initially with the white Rupes pad and it worked well, but then I tested out a Uro-Fiber MF finishing pad with it and that combo was FAST FAST FAST. And that Uro-Fiber pad is pretty miraculous. I did the entire SUV with one pad, cleaning it about 3 times with a brush and a quick spin.

I know everyone has their go to pad and polish combos but if there's one better for the purpose I needed it....I'd be surprised.
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
This is a great product is my go to stuff now
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
This stuff works really well. I have tried many different compounds and this cuts the micro swirls out quick and is easy to remove.
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
Very impressed with the Jescar polishes. There was a lot of rumor that the compound and polish were just relabeled menz fg400 and pf3800. After sampling the compound, i knew the formulas had been reworked, as it was great. So, i bought the polish as well. Easier to work and not as oily. The jescar combo is now my current favorite. If youre on the fence, dont hesitate. It IS a good product for your arsenal.

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