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Marolex Industry Ergo Alkaline 1000 Sprayer

Marolex Industry Ergo Alkaline 1000 Sprayer
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Product Information

  • Easily apply your favorite detailing chemical!
  • Pump and pull ease of application
  • Can be used with higher Ph, Alkaline products
  • Read full description

Product Description

The Marolex Industry Ergo Alkaline 1000 Sprayer helps you spray your favorite detailing chemical onto the surface with less effort! When you grab a Marolex unit you feel the quality instantly as they use premium components throughout it's construction for superior reliability and performance. Traditional trigger spray bottles can make you prone to fatigue when you pull the trigger over and over again. With the Ergo Sprayers, you can pump them up to build pressure and with a slight trigger pull you will be applying any chemical with ease while conserving your energy. Marolex sprayers are known to offer a great deal of pressure buildup so you can spray longer than most other options. The Marolex Ergo sprayers are acid-resistant, so they make great tools for use with degreasers, iron removers, instant detailers, interior cleaners and more. Another cool feature is the 3D Flex technology, which gives you more freedom of use no matter spraying position. You can spray right side up, tilted sideways or even upside down so that you can reach any and all nooks and crannies on the interior or exterior surface. These units feature storage in both the handle and the pump handle and a push down pressure relief valve. With various different sizes (i.e. 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000), you will have the correct size sprayer needed for any cleaning job. Stop wasting valuable detailing time and effort, pick up the Marolex Industry Ergo Alkaline 1000 Sprayer today!

Important: Marolex Ergo Sprayers come in both Industry, Industry Alkaline and Master. The Master units are geared towards non-acidic chemicals while the Industry units can handle higher alkali chemicals. We recommend the Industry Ergo units when working with higher acidic, lower Ph products (wheel cleaners, etc). The Industry Ergo Alkaline works great with higher Ph, Alkaline products such as many stronger disinfectants and degreasers.

Features & Specifications:

Industry Ergo Alkaline 1000
  • Total capacity - 55.82oz (1.6L)
  • Working capacity - 33.81oz (1.0L)
  • Pressure - 58 psi
  • Net weight - 1.10 lbs
  • Height - 10.15 in

Industry Ergo Alkaline 1500
  • Total capacity - 71.04oz (2.1L)
  • Working capacity - 50.72oz (1.5L)
  • Pressure - 58 psi
  • Net weight - 1.12 lbs
  • Height - 10.86 in

Industry Ergo Alkaline 2000
  • Total capacity - 81.15oz (2.4L)
  • Working capacity - 67.62oz (2.0L)
  • Pressure - 58 psi
  • Net weight - 1.21 lbs
  • Height - 12.12 in

Industry Ergo Alkaline 3000
  • Total capacity - 118.34oz (3.5L)
  • Working capacity - 101.44oz (3.0L)
  • Pressure - 58 psi
  • Net weight - 1.34 lbs
  • Height - 13.38 in

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