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Nasiol NL272 Ceramic Coating

Nasiol NL272 Ceramic Coating
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Product Information

  • Easy to apply paint coating!
  • Extremely durable layer of protection
  • Extreme gloss and hydrophobic properties
  • Product Code: NR001
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Product Description

The Nasiol NL272 Ceramic Coating is a premium coating that will shield your vehicles paintwork! This single layer application creates an incredibly tough, nanometer-thin coat that safeguards against scratches, environmental damage, and chemical stains. Nasiol provides some info below on exactly what makes this item so exceptional:
  • Unmatched Durability: Enjoy up to 5 years of protection with proper care.
  • Brilliant Shine: Witness a mirror-like gloss that deepens and revives your paintwork.
  • Superior Scratch Resistance: Rated at 10H hardness, NL272 shields against minor scratches and abrasions that occur during everyday driving.
  • Effortless Cleaning: NL272's hydrophobic properties repel water, dirt, and grime. Washing your car becomes a breeze as contaminants easily slide off the surface.
  • Single-Layer Application: Unlike some coatings that require multiple layers, NL272 offers maximum protection and a stunning shine in just one layer, saving you time and effort.
  • Long Shelf Life: 2 years without opening. 1 week after opening

Nasiol NL272 Ceramic Coating is a perfect choice for car owners who desire unparalleled protection and a show-stopping shine for their prized possessions!

  • Ensure that the temperature and relative humidity (RH) values (41 Degree F - 86 Degree F / 50% RH) of the application space are as close as possible to suggested condition in order to obtain maximum product performance. If the ambient temperature or relative humidity value is higher than suggested intervals / values, the product may cure faster than expected. Avoid direct sunlight during the application and only work on cool surfaces.
  • Wash your vehicle thoroughly. If required, apply clay bar.
  • After decontamination, apply polishing / compounding with appropriate tools and silicone / wax-free cutting compounds in accordance with the physical condition of your vehicle's surface
  • Prepare the surface by using Nasiol Clean to improve the bonding performance of the nano coating. Ensure that there isn't any residual contamination and dry the surface with a lint-free microfiber cloth.
  • Before using the product, wear the protective nitrile gloves included in the box.
  • Place a suede cloth onto the applicator block's sponge surface. Change the suede cloth every 3-4 panels.
  • Shake the product gently before use.
  • Open the lid and pour the necessary amount of product onto the suede cloth.
  • Do not forget to keep the lid closed during the application.
  • Spread the product gently over the surface in a crisscross motion.
  • Once beading occurs (it takes 30 seconds in normal conditions), gently wipe the excess product off the surface using the light gray Nasiol microfiber cloth in linear motions. To make the most of microfiber cloths, fold each one four times before application and do not re-use the side of the cloth you used.
  • If it is too late for the first wiping step, the product may cure on the surface, making wiping harder or even impossible. In that case, the product should be removed from the surface by polishing or sanding. After correction, the product should be re-applied properly.
  • After wiping the surface with the light gray microfiber cloth, complete the final buffing process by gently using the dark gray Nasiol microfiber cloth in circular motions.
  • Keep the coated surfaces away from direct sunlight, the elements, various types of contamination, and water exposure for 24 hours. Please wait 48 hours for the nano coating to cure and become resistant to abrasion and chemicals, before any detergent-based washing.


Preserving Automotive History | Introducing Nasiol NL272 Nano Ceramic Coating |

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How to Apply Nasiol NL272 Nano Ceramic Coating Experience Unmatched Car Paint Protection with NL272

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