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Rupes DA Coarse Compound Reviews

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We recently received the new Rupes D-A system to test out, this was all done on our personal vehicle, a Toyota Prius C, as we are extremely familiar with the paint and how it reacts so we can isolate that variable for a more streamlined analysis.
Product Review: Rupes D-A System

Customer Reviews

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This is one of my first go to polish compound especially for those heavy oxidized vehicles. Get product and a must have for all detailers. Be sure to buy the pads that go with it and use the RUPES system for the best results.
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This is one heck of a concentrated compound.

I can't do the Rupes recommended priming method for any of their polishes / pads, because they'll splatter and end up dusting. On the foam, I start with four drops like they used to recommend for the original line - reload with one or two drops. On their vented microfiber pads, four drops between every other "vent blade" towards the center, and four on the outside perimeter - reload with two or three either close to center or close to the perimeter (wherever moisture is needed). On their wool, four drops to start, two to reload.

This and the DA Fine are incredible concentrated, and thus work incredibly fast, with a lot of lubrication. There are occasions where I have to turn to DA Coarse with the wool or microfiber to level horribly damages paints. Yeah, it might dust up a bit, and when I first tried it, I hated it - mostly because I was using too much product to prime them. Once I backed off, and learned how much I needed to reload with, It's gotten much better, and we'll worth the little effort it took to figure it out.

So, the cut is something else! The speed at which it works takes a lot of time off the actual correction process. With other systems the cutting can take a fair bit of time. On those hopeless paints where you're going at it two or more times, DA Coarse usually does the job in one set.

Cutting isn't the only thing this stuff is good at. The finish it leaves can often time be called "done". It's mind boggling how this product finishes considering how aggressive it is. This feature will leave you set up for an easy time refining the results to a show car shine.

Finally the scent is reminiscent of Meguiar's D300, and Ultimate Compound's cinnamon scent, which makes the process very enjoyable.

Because DA Fine has such a wide spectrum of application (cutting and polishing) It's not very often I need to use the power of DA Coarse, but It's nice to know that power is there If needed.

DA Coarse reminds me of a combination of Meguiar's M101, M110, M100, and D300. It sort of behaves like those products, so It's very familiar feeling and performing for me because I've used those for YEARS!

Nice job to the team at Rupes. These liquids can be a very valuable asset to technicians who take the little time to learn how they work. They will save time, effort, and money.
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Currently on my 2nd bottle of Rupes course compond and I have to say very impressed with Rupes new DA
paint correction system. With the new polishing pads I think they have created a great system.
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Not impressed!

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