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Sonax Wheel Rim Shield

Sonax Wheel Rim Shield - 400 ml
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Available Sizes

Sonax Wheel Rim Shield
400 ml

Product Information

  • Quickly and easily protect your wheels!
  • Helps protect from dirt, grime, brake dust, etc.
  • Makes future cleaning much easier
  • Lasts approximately 6-8 weeks
  • Product Code: 436300
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Customer Reviews

100% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 4 ratings

Product Description

The SONAX Wheel Rim Shield allows you to protect your wheels with one fast and easy to use spray! This incredible formula makes your wheels looks great and keeps them looking great! With your wheels being so close to the road, the amount of contamination coming in contact with your rims can be extreme. From road grime, dirt, oil, bugs, and brake dust, it is easy to see how your rims get filthy so fast. This contamination is not only ugly, but it can be a real pain to remove. So other than cleaning your wheels every day how can you keep them clean regularly? The Sonax Wheel Rim Shield is your answer for not only protecting, but helping you clean your wheels easier in the future! With an easy to handle aerosol can, you can spray Rim Shield directly to your rims in a matter of seconds. First you want to be sure to thoroughly clean your wheels beforehand (Sonax recommends Wheel Cleaner Full Effect or the Wheel Cleaner Plus). After your wheels are dry, just point, spray, and walk away. It is that easy! Rim Shield will last 6-8 weeks after application and according to Sonax, wheels that are coated will require up to 75% less time and effort to clean. You will be amazed at how easily contamination falls off a Rim Shield treated wheel. If you want to quickly and easily protect your rims from harmful dirt and grime, the Sonax Wheel Rim Shield is for you!

Professional Detailer Reviews

Sonax Wheel Rim Shield is a great product that does exactly what it says it will do. Easy to apply, excellent hydrophobic capabilities and looks amazing.

- Product Review: Sonax Wheel Rim Shield by Ian

In the end, when it comes to saving time, this aerosol spray was incredibly quick and easy to use. The fine mist made sure every nook and cranny was covered. I spent less than 30 seconds per wheel applying this product, and seemed to have used very little out of the can, so if you're still applying your wheel protection by hand, you're certainly missing out!

- Product Review: Sonax Wheel Rim Shield by Zach McGovern

From The Label

Product Description

Highly effective wheel rim coating. The quick and easy application delivers a simple protection for all light-alloy, steel, chrome plated and polished wheel rims. Provides a brilliant shine and perfect protection for up to 6 weeks.


  • First clean wheel rims with a wheel cleaner. (e.g. SONAX Wheel Cleaner full effect or PLUS).
  • Allow the rims to dry completely. Make sure to carefully remove any remaining water from grooves or cavities.
  • Shake can.
  • Generously apply product to the absolutely dry wheels - do not wipe!
  • Allow to dry for at least one hour.
  • During this time, do not move the vehicle or touch the treated surfaces.

Customer Reviews

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Easy to apply -- but go thin! It says apply generously, but I find 2 thin coats about an hour apart work better than 1 thick coat. And remember to completely dry your wheels before applying.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
So far so good! Normally have to use my wheel woolies and some Iron-X. But after two weeks of daily driving just had to hit with pressure washer and brake dust washed away.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
This is a great product for a quick seal of the rims in between a more durable product such as Wheel Wax, Menzerna Powerlock, or a High Temperature type of sealant/wax designed for use on rims. This product is NOT a long term sealant but it gets the job done for a couple of weeks. I have used it on my own vehicle and my daughters car as well with good results. I would recommend that you spray it quickly and THIN otherwise it will run or leave noticeable "droplets" on the rim surface. If you spray quickly back and forth and coat the rim surface, it works fine. Fantastic in-between product or 'after every wash' type of product. In that application, I HIGHLY recommend this product. Unless you are going to use one of the other mentioned products above (Powerlock, Wheel Wax, etc.). Many people don't want to do that on every wash job. I know I don't, especially on a quick refresh weekly wash. This product is PERFECT for a weekly wash product to keep your rims looking great and make the brake dust and accumulated grit and junk on the tires effortlessly go away while washing your rims. Again, durability is a few weeks, NOT MONTHS like your other wheel sealants designed for rims. This does have it's place in the detailing world and Sonax has done a great job bringing a product that was needed in the detailing market to help keep "gunk" off the rims or at least make it MUCH EASIER TO REMOVE said gunk off the rims during each wash. Grab a can and give it a shot, I think you'll be satisfied at the way this works.

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