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Wowo's Interior Cleaner

Wowo's Interior Cleaner - 500 ml
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Available Sizes

Wowo's Interior Cleaner
500 ml

Product Information

  • Clean various interior surfaces with one formula!
  • Simple spray on, wipe off application
  • Follow up with the Wowo's Interior Finisher
  • Use on carpets, vinyl, plastic and more!
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Product Description

The Wowo's Interior Cleaner allows you to safely and easily clean various interior surfaces! Wowo's likes to call this product, "Anything Interior" and that really says it all. This high-quality formula can be used on carpets, fabric seats, plastics, leather, LCD displays, and so much more. The product can be simply sprayed onto the desired surface and wiped away with a clean microfiber towel. For deeper stains or stubborn dirt, spray the affected area and use a brush to agitate before wiping with a towel. This will create a foamy lather that helps encapsulate dirt and grime for safe removal. When finished, what you will be left with is a clean, matte looking surface. There are no UV protectants or additives, just a simple cleaning solution. Once clean, Wowo's recommends using the Wowo's Interior Finisher to leave behind a protective layer to various surfaces. Don't let your interior go untouched, clean it up with the Wowo's Interior Cleaner!


WOWO's Interior Cleaner (Protection-Free)

Wowo's Interior Cleaner | HOW TO USE

From The Label

Product Description

The people have asked and we have answered. Finally a one stop interior cleaner you can use on every part of your interior. From your dash and door cards, to your seats and carpets, we have you covered.


  1. Give the bottle a good shake.
  2. This product can be used in various ways, from cleaning your dash and plastics to light stain removal from your seats and head linings.
  3. Spray liberally into the affected areas and work in with a microfibre cloth or a dedicated interior brush.
  4. Remove excess and residue with a clean microfibre.
  5. Repeat if required on stubborn stains when you have really made a mess of your interior. Tut tut.

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