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Meguiar's Solo Easy-Buff Rotary Backing Plate W66

Meguiar's Solo Easy-Buff Rotary Backing Plate W66 - 5.75"
Meguiar's Solo Easy-Buff Rotary Backing Plate W66 - 5.75" package label
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Meguiar's Solo Easy-Buff Rotary Backing Plate W66

Product Information

  • Increases maneuverability and control compared to a stiffer backing plate
  • Works best with 6.5" pads
  • Fits any rotary buffer using a 5/8th - 11 spindle thread
  • Finish down easier with less chance of hazing, marring or holograms
  • Product Code: W66
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Product Description

Solo Easy Buff W66 Rotary Backing plate is a wise investment for any rotary user using 6.5" pads or larger. The soft, cushioned backing plate allows you to easily maneuver your pad over curves and body lines. The foam center evenly distributes pressure over the entire pad making it easier to achieve a hologram and haze free finish. This is another top quality product from the Meguiar's Professional line of Mirror Glaze products that helps you get better results faster. The W66 will work with any rotary buffer that has a 5 / 8th - 11 spindle thread. Pair the W66 with a Makita 9227C and you'll be able to achieve a professional finish with every detail you perform!

From The Label

Product Description

"EASY-BUFF" Backing Plate

  • Safely contours to curves and body lines
  • Distributed pressure for smoother buffing
  • More forgiving, less swirls
  • Long lasting, one-piece molded construction

and all rotary polishers with 5/8 inch diameter shaft


Solo System Buffing Pad Tips

  1. To prime new or dry pads, lightly mist on M34 Final Inspection.
  2. Keep the buffing pad flat to the surface to minimize swirl marks
  3. Clean foam pads frequently using a nylon bristle brush or cotton towel.
  4. Clean wool pads frequently using a spur or compressed air.
  5. To prevent contamination, store pads in re-sealable bag while not in use

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