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3D ACA 520 Finishing Polish

3D ACA 520 Finishing Polish - 32 oz
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Available Sizes

3D ACA 520 Finishing Polish
32 oz

Product Information

  • Remove light imperfections safely and easily
  • Packed with water-based Alpha Ceramic Alumina
  • No fillers and low dusting formula
  • Product Code: 520OZ32
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Product Description

The 3D ACA 520 Finishing Polish will help you easily remove light imperfections quickly! 3D packs this polish with Alpha Ceramic Alumina, which is water-based and constructed to provide high speed, low heat, hologram free polishing. Even on hard clear coats or single-stage finishes, ACA 520 makes quick work of swirls, light scratches, oxidation and more. This polish is extremely versatile and contains no harmful solvents, kerosene or OSHA regulated crystalline silica. It is low dusting and does not contain any fillers. If you have heavy imperfections, using the 3D ACA 500 X-tra Cut Compound and a heavy corrective pad first before following up with the ACA 520 is recommended. Remove light imperfections fast and easy with the 3D ACA 520 Finishing Polish!

From The Label

Product Description

  • Easy to use
  • Easy clean-up
  • Superior finish
  • No fillers
  • True paint correction

3D ACA 520 FINISHING POLISH has been infused with ALPHA CERAMIC ALUMINA, this revolutionary NEW WATER base, abrasive polish, will remove scratches without the use of fillers, eliminating swirl marks without the concern of dye-black.

ACA 520 is constructed to provide high speed, low heat, hologram eliminating polishing for the most challenging clear coats and single stage paint.


After sanding marks have been removed with 3D ACA X-TRA CUT COMPOUND 500, set buffer to a comfortable speed (3D preferred 600-1200 RPMs). Apply enough 3D ACA FINISHING POLISH 520 to work a 2' x 2' area using a 3D spider-cut finishing foam pad. Polish with slow back and forth overlapping motions, keeping the pad's surface flat with the vehicle until all holograms, swirls or wheel marks are removed. Remove remaining residue with a clean microfiber cloth to reveal TRUE PAINT CORRECTION.

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