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CarPro ClearCut Compound - 500 ml

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CarPro ClearCut Compound - 500 ml
CarPro ClearCut Compound - 500 ml Alternative View
Out of Stock

Available Sizes

CarPro ClearCut Compound
250 ml
($0.07 / ml)
CarPro ClearCut Compound
500 ml
($0.06 / ml)
CarPro ClearCut Compound
1000 ml
($0.05 / ml)

Product Information

  • Easily remove medium to heavy imperfections
  • Transparent formula for easy view of polishing work
  • No fillers and low dusting
  • Product Codes: CP-CC25, CP-CC50, CC1L
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Customer Reviews

100% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 12 ratings

Product Description

The CarPro ClearCut Compound helps you safely and easily remove medium to heavy imperfections from your paint. When using a heavier pad/polish combo we often times find ourselves polishing the area, wiping away, checking our work, and polishing again as needed. When you remove imperfections in one pass, this is great, but sometimes you have to repeat the steps one, two, or three times before you are satisfied. With ClearCut, you will not only have the power to remove many heavier imperfections, but the high-end formula was made to be transparent. Why is this important, well now you will be able to see the imperfections polished away while performing the polishing step. No more stopping, wiping away, inspecting and repeating as necessary, you will have a Clear view of the Cutting produced! ClearCut removes p1000 grit sand marks, saves time, cuts fast, low dusting, and contains no fillers making it body shop safe. Use with various foam pads and rotary or dual action polishers. After use, follow up with a lighter pad and polish combo like the CarPro Reflect. Stop wasting valuable time, compound with the CarPro ClearCut!

CarPro Application Instructions:
  1. Prime (clean dry pad) with a very thin worked in layer of compound and add an additional 3-4 pea sized drops of product
  2. Spread product across section
  3. Raise speed to HIGH speed with LOW pressure
  4. Use MINIMAL pressure for first 2-3 passes increasing pressure with each pass
  5. Increase pressure with each pass, finishing down with heavier pressure
  6. When imperfections are gone or polish has been worked through, wipe clean with microfiber towel
  7. Clean pad
  8. Move to next section. Apply 6 - 8 pea size drops to pad and repeat steps 2-7.

Professional Detailer Reviews

My initial impressions show that, so far, they have achieved what they set out to do creating a cutting compound that can effectively remove moderate to heavy scratches and swirl marks with low dust and a translucent working appearance allowing you to see your work. I am glad to have this in my arsenal.
CarPro ClearCut: Initial Impressions

From The Label

Product Description

Next-gen fast cut compound
  • Low dusting
  • No wax/silicone/fillers
  • Versatile on many paint types
  • Hologram-free


  1. Prime a clean dry pad with a very thin worked-in layer of compound and add an additional 3-4 pea sized drops of ClearCut.
  2. Spread product across a section.

    • For D/A
    • Raise speed to MED/HIGH
    • Use MIN pressure for first 2-3 passes and increase with each pass.

      For Rotary
    • Keep polisher on LOW speed with LOW pressure.
    • Use MIN pressure for first 1-2 passes increasing pressure ever so slightly. Work with max 1000-1200 RPM.

  3. When scratches disappear or the polish becomes clear, wipe clean with a MF towel.
  4. Clean pad.
  5. Move to next section, apply 2-4 pea-sized drops on the pad and repeat steps.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
This product is absolutely amazing, i used it on a almost 20 year old boat that has never been polished and this compound handlers it with ease and very little sling or dust. I plan on purchasing a gallon when I run out. And yes it is body shop safe.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Works great on all sorts of paint and finishes down really well for how heavy it cuts. Dust isn't too bad either. This is my now go to brand for compounds and polishes, next to gyeon and Meg.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
It's my go to for the heaviest cut. Gets the job done right.

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